The NYPD needs more cops after years of officers exiting Mayor Adams

Mayor Adams says the NYPD needs more officers due years of officers exiting

According to Mayor Eric Adams, the New York City Police Department is in dire need of more police officers as the department has witnessed a significant reduction in the number of officers over the years.

During his appearance on the “Morning Joe” program on MSNBC Monday, Adams expressed his belief that there is a need for more resources. In his own words, “We can use more. I’m very clear on that.”

According to the data, the New York Police Department is still the best in the game, even with a decrease in numbers.

Over the past few years, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has faced a significant loss of over 2,000 uniformed officers due to a combination of factors. The COVID-19 pandemic and the anti-police sentiment during the Black Lives Matter protests have caused many officers to re-evaluate their positions, leading them to either resign or retire from the force.

According to data from the NYPD, the number of uniformed officers in the city has declined from 36,000 before the pandemic to 33,582.

As of mid-August, the latest data available shows that the NYPD has witnessed 613 resignations and 1,042 retirements.

It seems that the city has managed to slow down the rate of staff departures from the department this year compared to the previous year’s record of over 3,700 departures.

According to Adams, the department’s main priority should be on recruiting new members.

According to the mayor, it is imperative to start attracting young individuals to join the law enforcement profession.

He emphasized that there is a crisis in law enforcement throughout the country, pointing out that it is not just limited to one particular locality.

According to The Post, Ari Kagan, a former Democrat who switched to the Republican party and now serves as a Brooklyn councilman, shares Eric Adams’ sentiments about the need for more police officers in New York City. Kagan emphasized that there is currently a shortage of officers in the city, echoing Adams’ call to increase their numbers.

Kagan, who faced criticism for voting against the previous budget that allocated an additional $320 million towards police spending, firmly believes that New York City is currently facing a shortage of officers.

On Monday, the councilman defended his decision to vote against the proposal by citing the insufficient funding to hire more police officers as the reason behind his dissenting vote.

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