25 individuals live in single-family homes in New York during immigration crisis

About 25 individuals live in single-family homes in New York during immigration crisis

Clarkstown officials have described a real house of horrors, with only a solitary Halloween decoration sitting outside. There are around 25 individuals who are currently residing in a single-family home that has been converted into single-room occupancies through illegal subdivision. It’s worth noting that each room, including the attic, is fully occupied.

After the tragic fire incident in March that claimed the lives of five individuals in a home illegally subdivided in Spring Valley, Rockland County took immediate action and carried out several inspections.

Clarkstown Town Supervisor George Hoehmann raised some pressing questions about the safety of first responders and landlords during rescue operations. He asked, “How can first responders enter and exit safely to rescue those in need? And how can landlords ensure the safety of their tenants during such emergencies?” These are crucial concerns that need to be addressed for the well-being of everyone involved.

Suburban communities across the county are home to subdivided houses commonly known as “flophouses.” These illegal dwellings have become more prevalent due to the recent migrant crisis in New York City, which has significantly increased the demand for housing.

Local officials are urging the federal government once again to provide aid in managing the ongoing crisis. Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, emphasized that addressing the issue at hand entails a great deal of effort. The task at hand poses risks not only to the residents, but also to the firefighters and other individuals who are lending a hand. According to Day, the situation should be dealt with at its root.

In an effort to prevent motels from being used as shelters for asylum seekers who are being transported from New York City, the county has taken legal action.

Clarkstown officials are taking action against management companies that are allegedly profiting from the housing crisis by operating illegal conversions. Specifically, they are targeting First Choice Management in Spring Valley, which reportedly oversees numerous locations in Clarkstown and over 300 in Rockland County. Lawmakers are determined to put an end to these illicit practices and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

According to officials, several individuals lost their lives and around six people received medical treatment for injuries. Janice Yu provides the most recent updates on the situation.

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