28-year-old woman apprehended for deliberately running over 23-year-old scooter rider in fatal road-rage incident, say police

Police have announced the arrest of a woman who allegedly murdered a 23-year-old moped rider in the Bronx. The incident, which was fueled by road rage, resulted in the tragic death of the victim.

Lillibeth Vasquez, a 28-year-old resident of Allentown, Pennsylvania, reportedly became enraged when Robert Jimenez accidentally sideswiped her Honda Civic, causing her mirror to be knocked off. The incident occurred on Saturday at approximately 2:20 p.m. on Fox Street, near the intersection of Intervale Avenue, according to authorities and law enforcement sources.


The police have accused Vasquez of intentionally ramming into the scooter rider, causing him fatal injuries to his body.

Jimenez, who resided approximately two miles away, was quickly transported to Lincoln Medical Center where medical professionals declared him deceased.


The photos captured at the scene of the tragic accident revealed a red vehicle with its front severely damaged and the front right tire toppled over.

According to authorities, investigators later determined that Jimenez’s death was a homicide.

Vasquez was taken into custody on Sunday, facing charges of murder and manslaughter.


She is currently awaiting her arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court.

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