Two individuals, including a teenage boy, injured by gunfire on a New York City subway train during the evening commute

During the evening rush hour on Tuesday, a moving subway car in Brooklyn became the scene of a shocking incident. According to police, an innocent straphanger and a teenage boy were both shot onboard.

According to sources and the police, a fight between a 17-year-old boy and a male suspect led to bullets being fired inside a Manhattan-bound C train at approximately 5:40 p.m.

According to police and sources, the suspect began shooting and hit both a teenager and a 52-year-old man. The intended target of the shooting was the 52-year-old man.

According to police, the teenager sustained a gunshot wound to his right hand, while the man was hit in the ankle.

According to a report by ABC7, both the boy and the man were injured by the same bullet. The bullet passed through the boy’s hand and struck the man’s ankle. It is worth noting that the man was not involved in the dispute.

Officers and paramedics were called to Ralph Avenue station in Ocean Hill to attend to a situation on the northbound train. The train was held at the station until their arrival.

The teenager was quickly transported to Bellevue Hospital, while the older victim was taken to Kings County Hospital by EMS.

The NYPD reported that both individuals were listed in stable condition.

The gunman escaped and is still on the run.

The investigation is currently in progress.

The shooting created a chaotic commute, with C trains operating express for the following two hours. This resulted in the skipping of stops, including Ralph Avenue, as the police conducted their investigation.

According to the MTA, C trains resumed making local stops by 7:40 p.m. However, there were still delays in their operation.

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