A passenger onboard an Air Canada flight tragically lost their life amidst allegations of ignored pleas for assistance

A passenger onboard an Air Canada flight tragically lost their life amidst allegations of ignored pleas for assistance

Tragedy struck on an Air Canada flight from India to Toronto, as 83-year-old Harish Pant lost his life onboard. His daughter, speaking to Insider, believes her father’s death could have been prevented had the airline heeded their desperate pleas to divert the plane when he began experiencing severe health problems.

The journey, initially meant to be a joyous occasion, turned into a nightmare for Pant’s family. This trip was a significant milestone since Harish Pant had recently been granted permanent residency in Canada after a lengthy and challenging application process.

Air Canada’s In-Flight Tragedy

Seven hours into the flight, Pant’s health took a sharp decline, with symptoms including chest pain, loss of bowel control, nausea, and back pains. His daughter, Pande, who was traveling with him and her mother-in-law, recognized these as clear signs of a heart attack, particularly considering her mother-in-law’s heart condition.

Pande fervently appealed to the cabin crew to divert the plane and land for her father to receive immediate medical attention. Despite her impassioned pleas, the crew, after consulting with the pilot, declined to divert the plane, and the flight continued for another nine hours as Pant’s condition deteriorated.

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Seeking Answers Through Legal Action

Air Canada has vehemently denied any responsibility for the customer’s death, asserting that their cabin crew followed the appropriate procedures for onboard emergencies. They highlighted differences between the staff’s account of events and the family’s version. The airline also maintained that they were in contact with a third-party medical provider, who did not recommend a diversion.

Pande has accused the airline of failing to provide adequate medical care onboard, including the refusal to monitor her father’s blood pressure, administer medication, and heed her repeated pleas for the plane to land.

The tragic incident concluded when the plane eventually landed in Montreal, and paramedics attempted to treat Pant, but it was too late. He was pronounced dead at a Montreal hospital from a presumed heart attack.

Harish Pant’s daughter seeks legal action against Air Canada, not for compensation, but for answers. She wishes to understand why the flight was not diverted despite the clear signs of a medical emergency, leaving her family devastated and questioning the airline’s handling of the situation.

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