A week before mob attacked pro-Israel teacher, Hillcrest HS caught 4 students assaulting school safety agents

Four students have been taken into custody on charges of assaulting school safety agents who were attempting to intervene in a fight within Hillcrest High School. This incident occurred just days before a group of students caused chaos within the school premises, protesting against a teacher’s participation in a pro-Israel rally.

A shocking video depicting a portion of the terrifying assault on a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer was shared on social media on Sunday night. The authenticity of the video was subsequently confirmed by the NYPD.

A fight erupted at approximately noon on November 15th between three students and two other students.

According to the police, the school safety agents made an effort to intervene and stop the fight, but unfortunately, they ended up becoming the recipients of multiple blows.

According to the police, a total of three NYPD school officers were injured while attempting to separate the students in the midst of the chaos.

The NYPD reported that they have arrested and issued juvenile reports to four students involved in the incident – two 15-year-old boys and two 16-year-old boys.

Instead of charging young minors with misdemeanors or felonies, the department issues juvenile reports.

A video posted by Queens Councilwoman Vickie Paladino on X captures the incident, showing a student in a gray sweatshirt skillfully evading a police officer’s grip and then running towards another student. However, the student’s charge is swiftly halted by a second uniformed officer.


In the video, a student wearing a gray hoodie, along with another student, repeatedly punches the second officer in the back of the head while he tries to protect the student from being hit.

In a scathing critique, Paladino, one of the few Republican members on the New York City Council, heavily criticized the Hillcrest administration, stating that it was “completely compromised.” He demanded that the school be closed down immediately, pending a comprehensive investigation.

In her statement, she emphasized the urgent need to restore order and discipline in our schools. “This cannot continue,” she asserted firmly.


The NYPD issued a statement condemning the incident, stating that they will not tolerate violence in schools.

The NYC Department of Education did not respond to an email sent late Sunday.

Last Monday, The Post reported exclusively that a teacher at the Jamaica school had to seek refuge in a locked office as hundreds of students filled the hallways. This incident adds to the recent revelation of violence at the school.

During the riot, the high schoolers enthusiastically chanted, jumped, shouted, and waved Palestinian flags and banners upon discovering that the educator had attended a pro-Israel rally last month.

The NYPD quickly dispatched a group of around twenty police officers to Hillcrest in order to restore order, according to officials.

After a couple of hours of chaos, the students were finally herded back into their classrooms, according to sources and the NYPD. Additionally, the teacher involved in the incident was escorted out of the building.

Mayor Eric Adams expressed his strong condemnation of the “shameful display of antisemitism” at Hillcrest in a statement shared on X Saturday evening, in response to The Post’s coverage. The city’s Department of Education (DOE) also denounced the mistreatment of the teacher, deeming it as “utterly unacceptable.”

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