Alabama Man Sentenced After Chasing His Girlfriend With a Short-Barreled Shotgun

Alabama Man Receives Sentence for Pursuing Girlfriend with a Short-Barreled Shotgun

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In Alabama on November 16, 2023, a resident of the state was sentenced by the Department of Justice for an incident that occurred in 2022. As per the news release by the DOJ, 49-year-old Matthew Hal McRaney chose to accept a plea deal for his actions instead of facing an Alabama jury.

According to the release, McRaney’s case in Alabama was described by stating:

On September 15, 2022, McRaney got into a verbal altercation with his girlfriend, retrieved a short-barreled shotgun, and chased her down the street. Police received a call reporting that McRaney was chasing a woman with a gun, and an officer pursued him, and apprehended McRaney after he slid down an embankment into a fence. Officers recovered a short-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun in some bushes (Calhoun Cty., Ala.).

During questioning, he confessed to police that he was in possession of a short-barreled shotgun during a dispute with his girlfriend. As a result, McRaney was sentenced to 63 months in prison for unlawfully possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.

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