VIDEO: Bear gets stuck inside vehicle in Colorado, pooping and destroying interior

Bear in Colorado Gets Trapped Inside Vehicle, Causes Damage and Defecates – Video Footage

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently shared photos of a bear encounter that occurred in the Littleton area on October 15th. The incident emphasizes the importance of ensuring that vehicles are kept secure at all times. During the encounter, a wildlife officer came into contact with the bear.

A wildlife officer was called to the scene after a bear was discovered trapped in a vehicle. The officer worked to release the animal and safely haze it away.

After the animal fled, the officer took some snapshots to document the extent of the havoc wreaked by the bear while trapped inside the car. The seats were in shambles, the dashboard was torn apart, and droppings were scattered on the floor.

Check out the video of the bear’s release along with additional media from the scene below:

When a bear gets into a vehicle, it is usually because there is something inside that has a strong smell. Although most people assume that the attractant is food-related, it could also be something that has a strong scent but is not meant for human consumption, like sunscreen or lip balm.

Keeping scented items inside a vehicle is never a wise decision, but to prevent a bear break-in, the first step is to ensure that the doors are locked and the windows are rolled up. By doing so, most attempts to enter the vehicle can be thwarted.

It’s important to keep in mind that bears are intelligent creatures, capable of using a door handle without difficulty. Merely closing the door won’t suffice.

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