Several people robbed at South Chicago bus stop

Bus stop in South Chicago becomes a target for multiple robberies

Chicago witnessed another string of robberies on Wednesday afternoon, this time in the South Side area. The incident has caused concern among the residents and authorities, who are working towards ensuring the safety and security of the community. CBS reported the news and urged people to remain vigilant and cautious in the affected areas.

Sabrina Franza from CBS 2 reported that a group of individuals were victimized while waiting for the bus at 79th Street and Jeffery Boulevard, between South Chicago and South Shore. During the incident, CBS 2 spoke with one of the victims at the bus stop.

According to Joshua Wright, aged 24, the individuals in question were well-prepared for their mission. As soon as they arrived, they jumped out of their vehicle, armed and ready. They demanded that everyone empty their pockets before promptly returning to their car and making a quick getaway.

Unfortunately, Wright found himself in an unfavourable situation during the early hours of Wednesday.

He expressed the gravity of his situation, where his life was at risk. He recounted how someone younger than him pointed a gun at him, leaving him in shock. The individuals who threatened him appeared to be adolescents, around the ages of 14 to 16, which added to the distress of the experience.

As Wright and a group of people waited at the bus stop, a car pulled up, and three individuals emerged, brandishing firearms and ordering them to hand over their belongings and cell phones.

The rest of the individuals waiting at the bus stop followed suit and complied with the request.

He shared that the situation could happen to anyone, including himself. Initially, he believed he was too aware to fall for such a scheme, but he was proven wrong and fell into the trap.

As Wright was commuting to work, his Ventra card was stored on his phone. Unfortunately, when the bus arrived, he couldn’t use his phone to pay the fare since the robbers had stolen it. This left him unable to board the bus and proceed to his destination.

Several others, including him, lost a day’s work due to the incident.

According to Wright, everyone was geared up and had their uniforms on, ready to start work. However, they could not do so because their phones were confiscated, which also contained their Ventra cards. As a result, some people could not go to work that day.

Shortly after, another robbery took place at the intersection of 79th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue. The crime details were consistent with the previous one, and the perpetrators escaped again.

On this occasion, they caught a lady strolling along the pavement.

According to Wright, the task would take only a couple of minutes. “In and out,” he said with confidence.

At 82nd and State Streets in Chatham, a robbery recently occurred. According to the victim, a 50-year-old man, he attempted to resist the robbers but was struck in the face with a gun.

Upon returning to 79th and Jeffery, Wright immediately began tracking his phone. With the help of his trusty Apple watch, he could pinpoint its location and discovered it on the ground not far from where it was snatched, along with his backpack.

The iPhone he had was left in a state of disrepair, with numerous cracks and damages visible on its surface.

As Wright picked up his phone from the ground, he couldn’t help but notice that it was lying face down. He speculated that whoever had discarded it must have deemed it useless. Disappointed, he examined the phone and remarked, “They messed my phone up.”

Wright expressed his relief at successfully tracking his phone.

According to him, as soon as he reached home, he activated the tracking device on the phone. The message displayed on the device stated, “Phone being tracked.” He assumes that the individuals who had stolen the phone must have disposed of it as soon as they realized it was being tracked.

In his statement, he expressed gratitude for his fortunate circumstances, acknowledging that he was among the few lucky in their situation.

According to Wright, “I don’t care what anyone else thinks. As Ice Cube would say, today was a good day.”

According to the police, they are looking into two of these cases but have yet to make any arrests.

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