Terrifying Crash in Indiana’s State Road 2 Elderly Couple, Truck Driver Hospitalized

Elderly Couple and Truck Driver Hospitalized After Scary Accident on State Road 2 in Indiana – Country Herald

Recently, a frightening crash occurred in La Porte County, Indiana, prompting the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department to respond quickly. The incident happened at State Road 2 and CR 500 West intersection at 6:07 PM. Two vehicles were involved in the collision: a white 1999 Dodge van and a red 1990 Ford dump truck.

As per the reports from La Porte County Sheriff’s Department, the direct collision between the van, driven by Terry Curry, aged 66 from Kingsford Heights, and the dump truck, driven by David Henrich, aged 58 from Rolling Prairie, occurred due to Terry Curry’s failure to yield. The collision resulted in both vehicles overturning, with the gravel from the dump truck dispersing all over the road.

The two drivers in the accident sustained injuries and were immediately taken to nearby medical facilities for treatment. Additionally, Cheryl Curry, a 71-year-old passenger from Kingsford Heights, was critically injured and airlifted to a regional hospital to receive intensive care. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this tragic incident.

Authorities await the results of alcohol and toxicology tests as they continue their investigation. In the meantime, a group of local agencies and departments, including the La Porte and Westville Police Departments, have come together to assist with rescue efforts and investigative procedures.

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