First Conviction Under New Law Nets 15 Years For Elsmere Man

Elsmere Man Receives 15-Year Sentence for First Conviction Under New Law

Martin Ortiz-Lozano, a 34-year-old man from Elsmere, has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison. He was found guilty of several felony charges, including a Forced Labor statute that Delaware enacted in 2014. This is the first time someone has been convicted under this law in the state.

Detective Scott Sowden of the Elsmere Police Department led the investigation in partnership with the Department of Justice. A team of legal and medical professionals worked together to secure the conviction and subsequent sentencing. The contributions of Deputy Attorney General Nikki Warner, Nurse Analyst Lauren Welling, Paralegal Jayna Quillen, Social Worker Bettina Jones, Investigator Guillermo Santiago, and Legal Assistant Luz Zermeno were instrumental in the successful outcome of the case. The Office of the Child Advocate’s Investigation Coordinator, Michael Cooksey, also provided invaluable support throughout the process.

It’s noteworthy that this conviction is the first of its kind under the Forced Labor statute of the state which was enacted seven years ago.

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