2 people fatally shot at bus stop in Glendale

Fatal shooting at Glendale bus stop leaves 2 individuals dead

Police have reported that two individuals were shot and later succumbed to their injuries at a nearby hospital after an incident that occurred at a bus stop in Glendale on Monday afternoon.

Court records identify the suspect in the shooting as 26-year-old Dominic Celaya.

According to court records, at approximately 2:40 p.m. near the intersection of 51st and Northern avenues, several witnesses observed Celaya approach a bus stop and shoot two men who were waiting there.

According to court records, the two victims were transported to a hospital in close proximity. Unfortunately, they passed away shortly after their arrival.

The authorities confirmed that there was no indication that Celaya was acquainted with any of the victims.

Police reports indicate that witnesses observed Celaya escaping the scene of the shooting on foot and heading towards a nearby neighborhood. Law enforcement officers utilized a K-9 unit as part of their search efforts, eventually leading them to a residence on West Belmont Avenue. It was there that Celaya was discovered hiding underneath a pile of compost, according to police reports.

According to police reports, Celaya was discovered lying on top of a backpack that held a 9mm handgun and five shells matching those found at the site of the shooting before he was apprehended.

According to police reports, Celaya’s girlfriend approached investigators at the shooting scene and disclosed that the suspect they were searching for happened to be her boyfriend.

According to records, she told the officers about the argument that took place right before the shooting.

According to records, an altercation erupted between her and Celaya during their trip to a pharmacy, which then escalated into a physical fight. Afterward, Celaya exited the vehicle and proceeded to the nearby bus stop where he began firing his firearm.

Police records show that during interviews, three witnesses of the shooting positively identified Celaya as the perpetrator who shot both victims before fleeing the scene.

According to court records, Calaya is currently being held on $1 million bail in a Maricopa County jail. He is facing two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of discharging a firearm within city limits. An upcoming hearing is expected to determine his next course of action.

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