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Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Philadelphia With Highest Crime Rate (2023)

Although Philadelphia is generally considered a safe city, some areas have high violent crime rates, particularly in the West, North, and Northeast. Among these areas, Nicetown-Tioga and Hunting Park are the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Philadelphia. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about the city’s crime rates in 2023 and the worst areas in Philly.

Is Philadelphia Safe?

Philadelphia is known for its relative safety, mainly if you steer clear of the worst neighbourhoods. The likelihood of experiencing violent crime in Philly is roughly 1 in 250, lower than many other major cities across the United States. Moreover, the past decade has witnessed a steady decline in the crime rate in Philadelphia, with an average decrease of around 3% each year.

While Philadelphia is a great city to explore, some neighbourhoods pose a safety risk. Typically, the highest crime rates can be found in the West and North areas of the city. On the other hand, neighbourhoods like Center City and South Philadelphia are considered relatively safe and not as much of a concern for locals or tourists.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

1. Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood

With a population of 17,382 and an average annual income of $24,935, Nicetown-Tioga is widely recognized as the most dangerous neighbourhood in Philadelphia. Shockingly, the crime rate in this area is 329% higher than the national average, with 2,739 incidents per 1,000,000 inhabitants. In 2021 alone, there were 2,737 incidents of violent crime reported in this neighbourhood, making it a predominantly unsafe area to reside in. Gun violence is one of the most pressing issues, which continues to pose a significant threat to the community.

2. Hunting Park

Situated in North Philadelphia, Hunting Park is widely known for its high crime rate, making it one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Although Hunting Park is home to several historical landmarks, including the Clara Barton School, it is plagued by rampant criminal activity. With a population of 22,735, Hunting Park has recorded 1,452 crimes per 100,000 individuals, which is 100% higher than the national average. Shockingly, in 2021 alone, the city saw 1,506 violent crime incidents, mainly robbery and assault. To make matters worse, gun violence is also a significant issue in Hunting Park.

3. Strawberry Mansion

Located in North Philadelphia near Fairmount Park, Strawberry Mansion has a reputation as a dangerous neighbourhood. With a population of 19,690 people, the crime rate in the area is 1,944 per 100,000 inhabitants. Unfortunately, in 2022, crime in the city was ranked as being 162% higher than the national average, and violent crime was 420% higher. As such, incidents of murder and gun violence are alarmingly high in this part of the city.

Car theft and carjacking are among the violent crimes often resulting in dangerous confrontations.

4. Fairhill

Fairhill, situated in the North Eastern part of Philadelphia, is known to be one of the most dangerous areas in the city. The crime rate in Fairhill, as of 2022, stands at 1,545 per 100,000 people, making it a highly unsafe place to live. Furthermore, Fairhill shares its boundaries with Kensington and West Kensington neighbourhoods. Kensington, in particular, is infamous for its rampant drug activity and is home to one of the largest open-air drug markets in the United States.

Fairhill has an alarmingly high crime rate of 260% more than the national average, with an even higher violent crime rate of 313% above the national average. As of 2021, there were 1,602 incidents of violent crime reported in the area.

5. Alleghany West

Alleghany West, situated in Northeastern Philadelphia, is home to around 18,676 residents. Unfortunately, the area has been struggling with a lack of investment, adversely impacting its industrial history and economy. In 2022, the crime rate in Alleghany West was recorded at 2,458 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Alleghany West reported 1,602 cases of violent crimes in 2021, which is 313% higher than the national average.

6. Harrowgate

Harrowgate, situated close to Alleghany, is home to around 17,456 residents and has a crime rate of 1,703 per 100,000 individuals. Unfortunately, like several other neighbourhoods in Northeastern Philadelphia, Harrowgate faces significant challenges due to drug trafficking. The community also experiences violent crime, including gun violence, murders, robberies, and assaults, which are often directly linked to drug activity within the area.

According to recent statistics, Harrowgate experienced a staggering 1,764 violent incidents in 2021, a shocking 326% higher than the national average. This makes it clear that there is a dire need for effective measures to address the alarming rate of violent crime in the area.

7. Haddington-Carroll Park

Haddington-Carroll Park in West Philadelphia is undeniably one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Philly. It has a population of 35,068 and a crime rate of 1,588 per 100,000 residents, making it a high-risk area. Lansdowne Avenue and West Girard Avenue border this working-class neighbourhood, which shares a similar culture. Shockingly, in 2022, the overall crime rate in the city was 133% higher than the city’s average, highlighting the severity of the situation.

8. Elmwood

Elmwood is considered one of the most dangerous areas in Philadelphia, primarily because of its alarming violent crime rates. The neighbourhood in Southwest Philadelphia stretches from Delaware County to the Schuylkill River. With a population of 28,891, the crime rate in Elmwood remains high, with 1,219 crimes committed per 100,000 residents in 2022.

Elmwood, although not ranked as the highest, still faces significant challenges regarding gun violence and homicide. In 2021, the rate of violent crime in Elmwood was 225% higher than the national average, with 1,262 reported incidents. These statistics highlight the ongoing struggle to address and reduce violent crime in the area.

9. Frankford

Frankford, a neighbourhood in Northeast Philadelphia, is home to around 39,792 residents and has a crime rate of 1,369 crimes per 100,000 people. Unfortunately, the overall crime rate in this area is 132% higher than the national average, and the violent crime rate is even more alarming – 266% higher than the national average. Shockingly, there have been over 1,400 reported incidents of violent crime in 2021, with assault and robbery being the most common.

10. North Central Philadelphia

North Central Philadelphia rounds out our list of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Philly. With a population of 21,880 and a crime rate of 1,982 per 100,000 people in 2022, this neighbourhood, located near Temple University in the northern part of the city, has garnered a terrible reputation. While the university is generally considered safe, it is surrounded by many high-crime areas, making North Central Philadelphia a place to exercise caution.

The year 2022 witnessed a staggering number of violent crimes in North Central, with over 2,000 incidents reported. Despite this, property crime remains the more pervasive issue in the neighbourhood. According to official reports, North Central recorded nearly 6,450 property crime incidents in the same year. This puts the property crime rate at a staggering 231% higher than the national average.


Philadelphia may have a higher crime rate than the national average, but it is not as unsafe as other major cities in the US. Visitors or residents of the city can feel secure in most tourist neighbourhoods and central areas. The West, North, and Northeast regions of Philadelphia are known to have higher crime rates, whereas the downtown (Center City) and South Philadelphia areas are considered safer.

The opioid epidemic has taken a severe toll on some of the worst neighbourhoods in Philadelphia, particularly those in the Northeast. As a result, these areas are plagued with crime that stems from addiction and drug abuse. If you’re planning to visit or relocate to Philadelphia, it’s crucial to be aware of the safe areas. It’s worth noting that neighbourhood safety can vary widely, and what might seem secure one day could change rapidly. So, it’s essential to stay informed and keep a watchful eye.

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