Four individuals charged with murder after fatal fentanyl overdose in Jones

JONES, OK (KOKH) — In Jones, Oklahoma, a recent incident has left the community shocked and saddened.

Four individuals are currently being charged with murder in connection with the death of a man who succumbed to a fatal Fentanyl overdose.

The Jones Police Department (JPD) reported that an officer was dispatched to 120 Boston Avenue at approximately 10:09 am on November 26 in response to a medical call.

When the officer arrived at the scene, he discovered Thomas Ashley lying on his back, completely unconscious, in the living area of the house.

As the officer observed Ashley, he noticed that fluid was flowing from both corners of her mouth, while her arms were spread outwards.

Inside the house at the time, there was an adult female named Ehlana Perkins, according to JPD. The officer inquired about the type of drugs Mr. Ashley had consumed.

Perkins informed the police that Ashley had consumed some pills but was uncertain about their identity.

Despite the officer administering a dose of Narcan, Ashley did not show any response.

The officer made an attempt to revive Ashley by performing CPR. According to JPD, the officer persisted with CPR until the Jones Fire Department and EMS arrived at the scene and took over. Eventually, Ashley was administered a second dose of Narcan.

After spending several hours undergoing various life-saving procedures at Saint Anthony’s Hospital-Midwest, Ashley’s family made the difficult decision to discontinue these measures. Following this, the State Medical Examiner was summoned to ascertain the cause of her unfortunate demise.

Jones Police conducted a search of the residence where Ashley was discovered.

JPD discovered several items during the search, including two circular blue pills with the label (M30) that tested positive for fentanyl. They also found a white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine, a significant quantity of marijuana, an orange pill bottle containing benzodiazepine, and cut straws with a white powdery residue that also tested positive for cocaine.

Perkins, along with three minor children, was taken to JPD by officials. After a thorough questioning, Perkins was promptly placed into custody at approximately 8:20 pm. Following this, Perkins was transferred to the Oklahoma County Detention Center. The charges against Perkins include murder, possession of controlled dangerous substances in the presence of a child, and several other related charges.

JPD officers discovered additional evidence implicating another suspect in the case, including the location from where he supplied the narcotics. This crucial information prompted them to secure a search warrant for the address and an arrest warrant for the individual, Steven Daniels.

Daniels was apprehended on November 28th after being discovered and subsequently arrested during a routine traffic stop. Following his arrest, he was then transported to the Del City Police Department where he underwent questioning by officers from the JPD.

After being questioned, Daniels was taken to a holding cell at the Del City Police Department. Meanwhile, the JPD, with the help of Del City police and Choctaw police, executed a search warrant at 837 Briarlane Road in Del City.

Upon searching the premises, law enforcement officials discovered an adult male attempting to flush blue circular-shaped pills in the bathroom. These pills, which were imprinted with the stamp (M30), were later determined to be fentanyl through field testing. Another adult male was also found hiding in a separate bathroom in the house, attempting to discard similar pills with the same stamp. These pills also tested positive for fentanyl.

Inside one of the bedrooms, a teenager was discovered engrossed in watching cartoons.

Matthew Williams faced a multitude of charges including distribution of CDS, murder, possession of a firearm during a felony, and various other offenses. Meanwhile, Kendell Harrell was apprehended solely for the possession of CDS.

Marquashia Thompson was detained for questioning after she arrived at the home during the execution of the search warrant, according to officials.

The teenager and all three adults were transported to the Del City Police Department, as reported by JPD.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) promptly addressed the situation involving the juvenile and successfully arranged for placement with a suitable family.

After the police questioned him, Thompson was arrested and transported to the Oklahoma County Detention Center. The charges against him include distribution of controlled dangerous substances (CDS), being an accessory to murder, and child endangerment.

Harrell, Williams, and Daniels faced questioning before being transported to the Oklahoma County Detention Center to face their respective charges.

Fentanyl is deadly and does not discriminate. The Jones Police Department will continue to do everything we can to keep our citizens safe. This is an ongoing investigation, and we expect to have more suspects and locations.

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