Triple Murder Charges Filed Against Oklahoma City Attorney and Her Client Turned Lover: ‘A Match Made in Hell’

Keegan Harroz, a highly respected criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City, was renowned for her ability to build compelling cases for her clients. According to Lisa Weiszmiller, who first met Harroz in 2013, she was a steadfast believer in her clients, supporting them even in times of adversity. This was evident when Weiszmiller underwent back surgery and found herself hospitalized. Without hesitation, Harroz personally collected her medications, chauffeured her home, and even took the initiative to clean her house.

Authorities claim that Harroz possessed a significantly more sinister side.

On April 8, 2021, Harroz, aged 40, and Barry Titus II, aged 42, were apprehended and accused of the premeditated triple murder of Titus’s former girlfriend, Tiffany Eichor, aged 43, and Eichor’s parents, Jack, aged 65, and Evelynn “Kaye” Chandler, aged 69, on September 7, 2019.

Harroz and Titus have both entered pleas of not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and first-degree burglary. If they are convicted, they could potentially face the death penalty.

Harroz appeared to be well on her way to achieving success. Following her graduation from Oklahoma City University School of Law, the Texas native gained valuable experience working as an assistant public defender. In 2014, she took a leap of faith and established her own law firm.

On the flip side, she also found herself in legal trouble. In May of that year, she faced charges for domestic assault against her then-husband, Nicholas Harroz, after allegedly kicking him in the face twice. It was in 2018 when she started representing Titus, a former crane operator, for drug and firearm charges. Additionally, she represented him in a domestic assault and battery case, as well as a restraining order involving Eichor. According to David Bedford, Harroz’s ex-boyfriend and former law partner, her decision-making took a nosedive after she started dating Titus.

According to authorities, Harroz allegedly instructed one of her clients to place a bag of what she claimed was methamphetamine (but was actually sugar) at the Chandler family’s residence, where Eichor, the victim of domestic assault and battery by Titus, also resided. This was supposedly done to discredit the Chandler family. However, Eichor’s parents discovered the package and promptly reported it to the police. In response to this incident, they also decided to install a security camera.

According to Jack’s colleague Darrel Spradlin, Jack was always unsure about what Titus might do. Despite offering to provide him with a shotgun for protection, Jack’s wife refused to allow any weapons in their house. As a result, Jack decided to install a security system with cameras, explaining, “I don’t know what could happen.”

According to one of Eichor’s sisters, who visited the family in March 2019, Eichor had a peculiar habit of not closing her bedroom door at night. Additionally, she would sleep on top of the bedspread/comforter and cover herself with a throw blanket, leaving the overhead light on. When questioned about her unusual sleeping arrangement, Eichor explained that she felt safer that way.

On September 6, 2019, Harroz and Titus drove to Frisco, Texas, where they enjoyed dinner with her family. Later, they checked in at the Red Roof Inn in Plano. Prosecutors have made claims regarding this event.

Prosecutors claim that on the day Eichor and her parents were killed, surveillance footage showed a car similar to Harroz’s 2010 Lexus near the residence. Additionally, Titus’s DNA was reportedly discovered on a ball cap found near the home.

According to court documents, just a few days after the murders, Harroz’s brother contacted the Sachse Police Department in Texas and handed over an AR-15 rifle. He stated that the rifle was involved in the triple homicide. The gun was traced back to an Oklahoma man, who revealed to investigators that Harroz and Titus had purchased a rifle from him in August 2019. Additionally, they had test-fired another rifle they already possessed.

According to prosecutors, the rifle shell casings found at the homicide scene were a match to the rifle casings fired by the two individuals at the firing range.

Friends and colleagues of Eichor are deeply saddened by the passing of a woman who adored her R2-D2 slippers and brought fun to the office with her collection of T-shirts. According to former colleague Debbie Deery, Eichor was known for being a genuinely kind person, with no hint of malice. She was well-liked by everyone who knew her.

Jack and Kaye, a married couple who enjoyed going on annual cruises, had a close circle of friends who are equally stunned by the senseless killings. Spradlin expresses his disbelief, stating that “This should never have happened. It was completely unnecessary. [Jack] had been saving up to finally retire.”

Meanwhile, Titus and Harroz are currently incarcerated, and their murder trials are scheduled to take place in 2024. According to Bedford, the couple’s relationship can only be described as a “match made in hell.”

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