Missing Filmmaker Went ‘Wild Swimming’ Say Friends Who Claim Torso Found on New York Beach Is His

Friends Claim Torso Found on New York Beach Belongs to Missing Filmmaker Who Went ‘Wild Swimming’

According to friends, Ross McDonnell, the Emmy-winning Irish filmmaker who is believed to have drowned in the waters off of New York City, was an avid “wild swimmer” who enjoyed taking dips in open water at night.

During a news conference on Tuesday, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny revealed that according to friends, it was usual for the individual to go for a swim during this late hour of the night.

According to a friend of McDonnell’s who spoke to the Irish Times, it is believed that McDonnell went to the beach and took a swim in the ocean on the night he went missing.

Authorities have stated that the remains found on a beach in Queens on Friday afternoon are likely those of McDonnell’s torso.

According to the Gothamist, he was identified by friends through a unique birthmark on his torso and the red Adidas swim trunks that were discovered at the location.

A body with no head or arms was discovered at Breezy Point Beach in Queens last Friday and has yet to be identified. The medical examiner will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of death.

On the evening of November 4th, McDonnell, who hails from Ireland, left his residence in Brooklyn and hasn’t been seen since. It was on November 7th that his bicycle was discovered securely locked up at the beach.

According to Kenny, McDonnell was a passionate swimmer. In Ireland, swimming in open waters is commonly referred to as wild swimming.

New York City has a thriving community of open water swimmers, with many enthusiasts taking to the waters regularly. To support and promote this passion, the New York Open Water group was created. Their aim is to provide essential safety measures, as well as funding and support for open water swimming activities.

Every year, the Hudson River and New York Harbor host a range of open water swimming events, which include several nighttime events.

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