Get Fright While Driving Through The Haunted, A Haunted Car Wash In Pennsylvania

Get Fright While Driving Through The Haunted, A Haunted Car Wash In Pennsylvania

Get ready for a month of spooky fun, with unexpected thrills awaiting you, even in the most unlikely places—like a car wash! Yes, you heard it right. Pennsylvania boasts a haunted car wash at Adam’s Royal Car Wash in Gilbertsville, promising an unforgettable experience, but only for a limited time. Dive into what might just be the most unique attraction of the season.

From the outside, Adam’s Royal Car Wash appears to be a typical wash, and the routine seems normal—drive in, stop, and get your car cleaned. However, an eerie twist has recently emerged, turning this usually calm and popular car wash into a haunted hotspot.

Details about the haunting figure remain scarce. Witnesses report seeing a mysterious figure wandering through a dark cemetery, wielding an ax, and…

Meanwhile, in a lab, a scientist concocts a mysterious potion.

To unravel the mystery and perhaps encounter some spine-tingling thrills, head over to Adam’s Royal Car Wash. But hurry, as the haunted car wash is only open on October 16-17, 2020, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Admission is $20, and cash is the only accepted payment method. For a safe yet thrilling experience, all guests must stay in their cars throughout the attraction, making it an ideal, family-friendly outing.

Your ticket includes not only a car wash but also sweet treats and all the thrills you can handle.

Visit Adam’s Royal Car Wash’s official website or check their Facebook page for more information.

Wondering what awaits you at this haunted car wash? For a sneak peek, watch the video below.

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