Authorities capture fugitive connected to multimillion-dollar fraud scheme with Las Vegas ties.

A fugitive, who is wanted in connection with a federal fraud case worth millions of dollars and has ties to the Las Vegas area, has been apprehended in Florida, according to the latest findings by the 8 News Now Investigators.

William Mize faced allegations of orchestrating car accidents, defrauding insurance companies, and operating a significant criminal syndicate.

In 2021, the search for Mize was initially reported by the 8 News Now Investigators. At that time, the U.S. Marshals Service announced a $2,500 reward for any information that could lead to his arrest. The reward was later increased to $10,000 in the following year.

According to a deputy marshal who spoke to 8 News Now in 2021, this individual perceives himself as the godfather of a white-collar crime family. The deputy marshal, who requested anonymity given the sensitive nature of his job, stated that this person expects everyone to comply with his orders or face the consequences. Additionally, the deputy marshal revealed that Mize was motivated by a desire to preserve his reputation and driven by financial gain. Interestingly, he even adorned his cherished chihuahua with luxurious jewels.

Mize, along with 21 others, faced indictment in 2018. A majority of them, including Mize’s wife, served time in prison. However, Mize disappeared, bringing his court proceedings to a halt.

Federal prosecutors have accused him of staging car crashes, falls, and other incidents in five different states, including Nevada. The fraudulent claims resulted in insurance companies paying out over $6 million.

The deputy marshal pointed out that if you’re curious about the high cost of your car insurance, this individual is one of the contributing factors.

The U.S. Marshals Service centered their search efforts in southern Nevada, as Mize had connections to the area through his family. There were reports that he was sighted at a Total Wine store in Henderson back in 2019. During the sighting, he was dressed in attire suitable for a boat excursion, which aligned with his known affinity for boating.

The Marshal urged anyone who had encountered this individual to check their history, as he was skilled at using other people’s identities. It was highly possible that he had someone assisting him, given his resources and ability to manipulate people. Additionally, the Marshal mentioned that the individual was known to become violent if his demands were not met and emphasized that he still had a significant amount of cash in his possession.

Mize is currently facing multiple charges, which include mail and wire fraud. Additionally, he is also facing further charges for failing to appear in court. Initially, he was wanted in the Eastern District of Washington.

No information was available on Tuesday night regarding the specifics of Mize’s arrest.

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