Lewiston hero Tom Giberti, shot 7 times, honored by Celtics for saving numerous children

On Tuesday, the Celtics paid tribute to Tom Giberti, a survivor of the Lewiston shootings. Tom Giberti displayed immense bravery on October 25 at Just-In-Time Recreation, where he saved numerous children.

According to Celtics public address announcer Eddie Palladino, Tom immediately caught the attention of terrified children and urged them to run towards him. As the group hurried towards the exit, he bravely shielded them from harm, even though he was shot multiple times. His selfless act ensured the safety of the children.

Fortunately, Giberti managed to survive the attack.

The TD Garden crowd showered him with a long and heartfelt standing ovation as the second quarter of the Celtics-Bulls game began. Giberti, donning a vibrant green Celtics sweatshirt, waved enthusiastically in response, expressing his gratitude to the crowd.

The Celtics have decided to pay tribute to a few of the heroes in the coming weeks through their “Heroes Among Us” program.

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