Tomorrow marks the closure of the iconic Houston bus station after 44 years – Here’s what’s happening

After being a transportation hub for more than forty years, the Greyhound bus station in downtown Houston has relocated to a new spot in the southeast region of the city. While this may appear to be just a bus station to some, it holds numerous memories for those who have utilized it throughout the years. The new station, which can be found at 7000 Harrisburg Blvd., provides easy access to the Magnolia Park Transit Center and the Metro Green Line light rail.

The relocation is taking place as the former Greyhound station property in Midtown Houston gets ready for redevelopment. The 30,000 square foot site, which was put up for sale in January, is situated in a rapidly growing and transforming area surrounded by residential high-rises, multifamily homes, restaurants, and bars. It could be seen as a symbol of the ongoing gentrification in the vicinity.

The Midtown location has long been a crucial transportation hub, but it has also seen a surge in crime. Commander Caroleta Johnson of the Houston Police Department has acknowledged the rise in crime rates and has taken steps to increase police presence in the area.

The relocation to the new southeast location signifies a fresh beginning for Greyhound bus services in Houston. This move aims to offer passengers a contemporary and easily accessible facility, while also contributing to the rejuvenation of the Midtown neighborhood.

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