MWHS dismissal melee Friday

Woodbury police respond to large MWHS dismissal melee Friday

The high school in the Monroe-Woodbury school district is under investigation for a chaotic incident during dismissal on Friday. According to reports, several fights broke out among students, with large crowds of onlookers gathered around. The district is taking this matter very seriously and is working to gather all the necessary information to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

According to recordings obtained by News 12, students can be heard yelling and screaming as a security officer is pushed to the ground during one of the fights.

A group of students can be seen in another video surrounding a few teenagers engaged in a physical altercation.

According to district officials, multiple altercations occurred as groups of students attempted to board their buses and head home. Some students took it upon themselves to intervene and assist in diffusing the situation.

According to News 12, the Town of Woodbury police received a call about a fight at the school. Upon their arrival, they found that the altercation had already been resolved, and the students involved had returned to their classes with the assistance of their teachers.

After the incident, parents received an email notification regarding the matter, and we took the initiative to present them with the video evidence.

Stevie Irabol expressed his shock, saying, “I have never witnessed anything like this before. Initially, I thought it was a minor issue until I viewed the video. It is a grave matter, and I did not anticipate it to be this severe.”

According to other individuals in the community, the issue of student violence is a matter that requires attention throughout the entire state.

Linda Gardiner passionately exclaimed that it is imperative to give teachers the authority to teach and remove the power from students who seem to be in control. According to her, the current situation is that the students are running the show, not the teachers.

According to reports from News 12, some parents have shared that the district’s varsity football games have been rescheduled from Friday nights to Saturday mornings for the season. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding this matter yet.

According to law enforcement officials, there were no reported injuries, and no individuals were taken into custody. According to the Monroe-Woodbury school district, they are currently looking into the altercation and have stated that appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken against any student found to be involved.

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