Shelter House in Iowa City to Launch Winter Refuge for Homeless, Seeks Community Support

Shelter House in Iowa City is gearing up to launch its winter shelter to provide housing for those seeking refuge from the harsh winter cold. The shelter is scheduled to open its doors on Monday.

“Before this service happened we had people die on the street and so we’re really really thankful to be able to have this as for a place for people to stay,” said Director of Emergency Services for Shelter House Rachel Carr.

Shelter House operates a winter shelter, which provides overnight sleeping spaces from December through March.

“It provides individuals with a safe haven to rest and sleep, going beyond the confines of our usual emergency shelter,” said Christine Hayes, Director of Development for Shelter House.

On Wednesday, staff workers and volunteers diligently prepared the beds in anticipation of the doors opening at 5pm on December 4th.

“I am really thrilled about this opportunity and just being here with others who are also making a difference,” expressed Mayor of Iowa City Bruce Teague.

If people from outside Iowa City require shelter, they can also find refuge here. The capacity of the shelter is up to 45 individuals.

Hayes emphasized the crucial importance of providing additional winter shelter when the weather becomes harsh and perilous. He stated, “It is an absolute necessity to ensure the safety and survival of people during the winter season.”

The Winter Shelter not only prioritizes the safety of individuals, but also offers additional advantages.

According to Carr, staying here provides everyone with an opportunity to connect with case management, search for permanent housing, find employment, and access services.

The winter shelter can be found at 340 Southgate Avenue and operates from 5pm to 7am. Please note that spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The winter shelter is seeking your assistance with donations. Contributions such as coats, mittens, bed sheeting, easy-to-serve meals, or even monetary support can make a significant difference.

Donating to Shelter House is easy and convenient. You have two options: you can donate through their website or drop off your donations in person at their location on 429 Southgate Avenue. The best part is that the building is staffed 24 hours, so you can donate at any time that works for you.

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