group of 12 robbed a couple after they exited a Manhattan bar.

NYPD reports a group of 12 robbed a couple after they exited a Manhattan bar.

The authorities are seeking assistance from the community in their search for a dozen individuals who belong to a gang that robbed a young couple in the East Village.

Fortunately for law enforcement and unfortunately for the gang members, their identities were caught on camera through surveillance footage. Authorities are now urging the public to examine the images closely to assist them in locating the suspects.

According to the authorities, eight men and four women formed a mob and robbed a young couple in the wee hours of a Sunday morning on East 12th Street.

Authorities are urging individuals to carefully examine the surveillance footage and still photographs of at least nine gang members.

During an interview with PIX11 News, a concerned father who remained anonymous expressed his shock and disbelief over the recent events. He stated that his children attend school in the neighborhood, and as a parent, he wants them to have access to a safe and secure learning environment. The father emphasized that the situation is simply insane and unacceptable.

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