Hemet mom of 3 stabbed to death

Hemet mother of three fatally stabbed by woman residing in trailer near her home

According to everyone who knew her, Shawna Weems was devoted to her family.

Cody, the wife’s husband, cried as he stated, “She was only concerned about her children.”

He explains that they noticed people parking outside their South Gilmore apartment in Hemet on Monday night. Shawna stepped outside to ask a man and a woman to move their trailer away from the room window where their five, six, and seven-year-old children were sleeping.

The woman who approached Shawna drew a knife and fatally stabbed the mother of three following an argument. According to witnesses, the couple fled in a silver Nissan towing a trailer. Hemet, mother of three, was fatally stabbed by a woman in a trailer near her home.

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