Texas City student face criminal charges

Texas City student face criminal charges and suspension for bringing a gun to school

According to officials, a student from Texas City High School, who is only 16 years old, has been suspended due to allegations of bringing a gun onto the campus on Monday.

The school principal, Lincoln Hypolite, released a statement to parents on Monday evening regarding an incident that had occurred on campus. He emphasized the importance of providing factual information to concerned parents and explained that earlier that day, an anonymous tip had been received about a student carrying a gun. The school administration acted promptly and worked alongside the campus Sheriff’s Deputies to locate the student and confiscate the weapon.

According to Hypolite, the investigation is still in progress.

On Tuesday, Melissa Tortorici, who is the spokesperson for the school district, confirmed that criminal charges have been filed against the student.

According to the student code of conduct and district procedures, bringing weapons on campus is strictly prohibited. The school official emphasized that any violation of this rule will lead to immediate suspension, followed by further disciplinary action after a comprehensive investigation. The district is committed to adhering to this protocol to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff on campus.

According to Hypolite, the person who reported this incident deserves our gratitude. He also urged parents to remind their children to report any concerns they may have to an adult on campus.

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