College student speaks out

College student speaks out after being randomly attacked on way to work

A year ago, Ellio Wagner, a model and student, moved from out west to New York City.

The sight of Wagner’s bruised eye is a stark reminder of the terrifying incident she experienced last Friday.

As Wagner recalls, he was strolling towards his workplace when he spotted a man walking in the same direction. Initially, the stranger didn’t look like a danger to him, so he was engrossed in his phone and not on high alert. Suddenly, without warning, the man charged at him diagonally and punched him in the face before fleeing the scene. “I was caught off guard and didn’t even have time to react,” Wagner lamented.

According to Wagner, she immediately dialled 911 and received the necessary assistance.

“He might have come back, and that thought scared me. I wanted to ensure that he was at a safe distance,” she explains.

The woman feels extremely agitated and confused as the man who approached her was a stranger. She cannot comprehend the reason for his actions, which has left her feeling frustrated.

Wagner expressed her heightened anxiety and vigilance by stating, “I’m feeling extra cautious and alert today.” She further revealed that she was carrying her keys in her hands as a precautionary measure, ensuring that she could defend herself if someone approached her.

Amid the hustle and bustle of people and vehicles flocking 6th Avenue, authorities confirm that no arrests have been made and very little information is available about the perpetrator.

College student speaks out after random attack on way to work

After experiencing a similar encounter, Wagner turned to social media to share her story on TikTok. She was surprised to discover that many women have faced the same situation and felt compelled to spread her wisdom to help others.

According to Wagner, it’s essential to always have some form of self-defence with you, whether it’s pepper spray, a key, or something else. It’s also crucial to avoid distractions like your phone and stay alert to your surroundings. Wagner recommends keeping your head on a swivel and treating everyone as a potential threat, as unfortunate as possible.

With a glimmer of hope in her heart, she awaits the day when justice will be served. Her deepest wish is that no one else should ever have to suffer the same fate as she did at the hands of the wrongdoer.

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