NYC professor who threatened to harm a Post reporter

NYC professor who threatened to harm a Post reporter with a machete gets a new teaching job.

A college professor from Manhattan caught on camera threatening to “chop” up a reporter from the New York Post while holding a machete to his neck seems to have landed a new teaching job.

Shellyne Rodriguez, an adjunct instructor at Cooper Union located in the East Village, is scheduled to teach a sculpture class during the fall semester. She is listed on the Cooper Union website as one of the instructors for the course.

When questioned about Rodriguez’s employment status, a Cooper Union representative did not respondme.

In May, Shellyne Rodriguez, a former professor at Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts, was fired after being caught on camera threatening and chasing a veteran Post reporter with a machete. The incident caused a stir and resulted in the termination of her employment.

After a violent encounter, the writer and a photographer knocked on the door of her Bronx apartment to get a comment on a viral video featuring the professor. As a result, she was charged with harassment and menacing.

On May 2nd, a video surfaced online where Rodriguez was seen shouting and cursing at a group of Hunter College students who had set up an anti-abortion table with pamphlets and materials. The incident was captured on camera and can be viewed at the provided link.

With a sharp tone, she threw the papers onto the ground and retorted, “You’re not teaching anything. This is just propaganda. Are you going to start being anti-trans now?”

On May 23rd, following the widespread circulation of the video, journalists from the Post approached her apartment in the Bronx to seek her perspective on the incident.

The woman’s voice boomed angrily as she shouted, “If I catch you on this block again, you’re in deep trouble!” Her tone was aggressive and laced with profanity as she continued, “Get out of here! I don’t want to see you around here again!”

After releasing a video showing her disturbing actions, Hunter College terminated Shellyne Rodriguez’s employment. She was later charged with harassment, menacing, and weapons possession, all of which she pleaded not guilty to during her arraignment in the Bronx.

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