High-Speed Chase Leads to Major Drug Bust on Interstate 64

Interstate 64 Witnesses Major Drug Bust Following High-Speed Chase

On November 27, Trooper Hadley noticed a white Dodge Charger speeding at 88 mph near mile-marker 9 while conducting a routine traffic patrol on Interstate 64. The occupants of the vehicle, Demertria J. Gray, 33, and Shawnunique D. Phillips, 34, both from St. Louis, MO, were about to receive more than just a speeding ticket. Trooper Hadley’s keen senses detected the smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle, which led to a comprehensive search.

The discovery was significant as it involved the confiscation of over 20 grams of marijuana and a staggering 10 pounds of a substance believed to be methamphetamine. This seizure marked a major interception of illegal drugs, indicating that they were likely intended for distribution within the region. As a result, Gray and Phillips were promptly arrested and charged with dealing in methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, and driving while suspended.

After the traffic stop resulted in a drug bust, authorities detained the pair at Posey County Jail. Bond conditions were set as they await their trials. This incident sheds light on the continuous fight against drug trafficking on American highways and emphasizes the importance of diligent traffic patrols in these endeavors.

The successful bust happened because of the collaborative efforts of law enforcement officials. Trooper Hadley and Trooper Backes, along with the Indiana State Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force, worked together to achieve this outcome. This teamwork demonstrates the dedication of these agencies to prevent the distribution of controlled substances in Indiana and protect communities from the harmful effects of illegal drugs.

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