Controversial YouTuber Accused of Harassment in Western New York

Western New York YouTuber faces harassment allegations and controversy

Dan Warmus, the man behind the YouTube channel “Auditing Erie County,” could be facing imprisonment after harassing a clerk in the City of Lockport. Warmus is recognized for his practice of entering government buildings in Western New York while wearing body cameras, and recording his interactions with office workers. He subsequently shares these exchanges on his YouTube channel and “audits” them based on the treatment he received.

Haters and Supporters

There has been some controversy surrounding his tactics as he enters offices unannounced and makes his way around the building, even accessing restricted areas. He often tells those he encounters that he is simply taking photos and believes that he has the right to do so under the Constitution, regardless of whether or not he has been given permission.

There are those who commend him for his ability to question authority, shed light on the inner workings of government offices, and reveal what they are willing to offer. Additionally, some of his supporters simply find satisfaction in the disruption of government services, as they may not be fond of these services or the workers involved.

The Incident in Lockport

According to a report by WIVB, Warmus has been accused of harassing a City of Lockport Clerk during one of his “Auditing” visits, as showcased below.


Why Dan Warmus Could Face Criminal Charges

Warmus, who was recently convicted and served a short prison sentence for his involvement in the January 6th insurrection of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., is currently on probation. As the first person from Western New York to receive jail time for his role in the event, any harassment charges could result in his return to jail. Additionally, Warmus’ probationary status may limit his First Amendment rights.

How Does This Make You Feel?

Some may argue that since he isn’t causing any significant problems, why bother with throwing him out or charging him with anything? However, there is also the possibility that he may record and disclose information that should not be made public. Moreover, some people find his actions annoying and unnecessary, driven solely by a desire for attention. Nevertheless, there are those who defend him, believing that such actions are necessary to expose certain issues.

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