Kansas license plate contest winner revealed

The next Kansas license plate design has been chosen by Kansans, according to the governor’s office.


The license plate they selected features the Kansas Statehouse in the lower left corner against a backdrop of light blue and light yellow.

Opinions on the new plate design may vary among Kansans, with some expressing mixed reviews while others appear indifferent.

Ahmad, a resident of Wichita, expressed his satisfaction with the functionality of the plates, stating, “It gets the job done. I don’t pay much attention to the color or shape of the plates. As long as they fulfill their purpose, I’m happy.”

Kansans were presented with five different design options to choose from. The voting period for the designs took place from Monday to Friday last week. Each of the five options featured the Kansas Tourism’s “To the Stars” branding at the bottom.

According to Governor Laura Kelly, the license plate that emerged as the winner received a staggering 140,000 votes, accounting for 53% of the total votes cast.

The license plate featuring wheat on both sides of the numbers received 19% of the vote, while the one with no images but only a color alteration garnered 13%. The tag adorned with sunflowers obtained 10% of the vote, and the license plate adorned with a blue banner at the top and a yellow main color secured 5% of the vote.



Officials have stated that the tags were specifically developed with an emphasis on public safety. The designs are clear and simple, ensuring that law enforcement officers and traffic systems can easily and swiftly identify license plate numbers. Mammoth Creative Co., a marketing firm based in Kansas, collaborated with Kansas Tourism to create each design.

According to a Wichita city council member, if individuals are dissatisfied with the recently introduced tag design, they have the option to choose from other alternatives by paying a slightly higher price.

According to council member Bryan Frye, individuals have the option to apply for an affinity plate, such as the Wichita flag or plates that honor veterans or universities like Wichita State. In fact, the Wichita flag plate was introduced in 2018 after state law had to be amended to permit it. The approval process involved both the senate and the house. The funds generated from these plates are directed towards supporting the Wichita park foundation, which is a cause that Frye is very passionate about. Specifically, $50 from each plate purchase is allocated towards infrastructure costs for the park. This aligns with the typical structure of affinity plates, where an additional fee is paid to support a specific cause, such as breast cancer or one’s alma mater.

The Kansas Department of Revenue is making a shift from using embossed plates to digitally producing smooth license plates.

After weeks of controversy surrounding the new Kansas license plates, a decision has been made on Monday. The state had unveiled a fresh plate design on November 22nd.

Public outrage ensued as the new plate design was unveiled, with critics claiming that it resembled the colors associated with the University of Missouri, also known as Mizzou. In response, individuals took matters into their own hands, proposing alternative designs for the state to consider.

The state made an announcement on November 28th, stating that production of the new plates would be temporarily halted. They also mentioned that they would be soliciting input from the public to help finalize the design.


On Monday, the state unveiled five designs that were up for a vote. However, there was a growing demand for a sixth plate to be included in the selection. In response, Ben Tegtmeier, from BT Creative in Eurdora, took matters into his own hands and shared his unique plate design on Facebook. Within just 24 hours, the post garnered an astounding 400,000 engagements, showcasing various iconic images associated with Kansas.

The state, unfortunately, neglected to include it on the license plate voting webpage. The governor took notice of this matter and addressed it accordingly.

According to Kelly, many of the designs shared on social media and submitted to her office are visually appealing. However, these designs cannot be used due to the stringent guidelines for public safety, printing, and branding that the new license plate must adhere to. Kelly explains that license plates nationwide are transitioning to simpler designs to meet the requirements of law enforcement and license plate readers. Ensuring safety is the top priority when it comes to these license plates.

The voting period concluded at 5 p.m. on Friday, with a reminder that only votes originating from Kansas zip codes were considered valid.

“It’s wonderful to witness the enthusiasm of the people of Kansas in their eagerness to represent our remarkable state,” expressed the governor. “With the design that garnered majority support, we can now progress towards having clearer and safer license plates on our streets at the earliest opportunity.”

According to supporters of the new plate design, incorporating the State of Kansas capital into the design was a wise decision.

“I did vote on it, yeah. When I first saw the original design, I didn’t think it looked very good. It seemed like that was a pretty common opinion,” shared Damien Gilbert. “I’m glad the Governor took the public’s feedback into consideration because often they just push ahead with their plans. But it was commendable of her to listen to public opinion, and as a result, we now have a much better design.”

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