Krystle Journee, a mother of three, went missing under mysterious circumstances following her attendance at a concert in New Orleans

Krystle Journee, a mother of three, went missing under mysterious circumstances following her attendance at a concert in New Orleans

Krystle Journee, a vibrant mother of three from New Orleans, disappeared on December 22, 2021, after allegedly attending a concert with her ex-boyfriend.

Krystle’s upbringing in the lively city of New Orleans shaped her love for enjoyment, which was no secret to her loved ones. According to her 22-year-old daughter, Dominiece Honore, Krystle was not only a parent but also a confidante. Dominiece fondly remembers her mother as a source of happiness, always ready to share a laugh, with a kind and generous heart.

According to Krystle’s sister, Warlette Journee, Krystle was a woman who lived life on her terms. Warlette described her as a “true free spirit” who loved to embrace every moment of her life.

Krystle was excited about the upcoming performance of rapper Fredo Bang at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans on the night she disappeared. Her sister, Warlette, shared that Krystle had informed their mother about her plans, revealing that she would be going with her ex-boyfriend, Roosevelt Marshall.

Krystle’s day began normally, with a casual conversation with her mother Dominiece, who currently lives in Texas. Resting after a recent hospital visit for an ovarian cyst, Krystle and Dominiece’s conversation was brief, with Dominiece promising to call back later. Sadly, she was unable to keep that promise.

Krystle’s family had a lead on her last known location – Roosevelt Marshall’s black Toyota Avalon. However, there is no concrete evidence to confirm if she even made it to the concert. Despite the family’s efforts to obtain footage from the concert venue, they have been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, they have provided the police with footage of Krystle leaving her house on the night in question.

Dominiece has known Roosevelt Marshall for a long time, since she was a teenager. Initially, she found him to be warm and kind. However, her perception of him changed over time as she began to suspect that he might not be the person he appeared to be.

Marshall has a history of run-ins with the New Orleans Police Department. He had warrants issued against him for various incidents, including unauthorized use of a vehicle, aggravated assault, and battery of a dating partner.

According to the family, Krystle and Roosevelt had a sporadic dating history throughout the years. However, they were not in a relationship at the time of Krystle’s disappearance.

Krystle’s family grew concerned when Christmas came and went without any word from her, particularly to her sister Dominiece. It was uncharacteristic of Krystle to go off the grid, especially with her tight-knit family. Consequently, a missing person report was filed.

Krystle’s family is desperate for answers and has enlisted the help of a private investigator. They are also using various platforms to bring more attention to her case in hopes of finding any leads.

Krystle was donning a soft-colored dress with a hat and black boots during her last sighting. She has a height of around 5’5″ and weighs approximately 190 lbs. Krystle has several unique tattoos, including a Betty Boop tattoo on her foot and a peacock design on her right leg. Despite being 40 years old, her daughter claims that Krystle looks much younger.

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