Missing Jaclyn Elmquist Identified as Woman Whose Body Was Found in NYC Garbage Chute

The woman who disappeared after a work party in Manhattan and was captured on camera stumbling along the sidewalk before she disappeared has been identified as the individual discovered deceased in the trash chute of an upscale building in Chelsea.


The NYPD has stated that foul play is not believed to be a factor in the death of Jaclyn Elmquist. On Friday afternoon, the 24-year-old’s body was found at +Art located at 540 West 28th St. Authorities were able to connect the dots after noticing the missing person flyers that were posted in the area regarding Elmquist’s disappearance.

An unsteady Elmquist can be seen in a video as she walks down the sidewalk before entering the building where her body was discovered.

In the video, she can be seen losing her balance and grasping onto a nearby wall for support. She then redirects her attention towards a nearby building before returning to the sidewalk.


According to a police source, there is a possibility that she was intoxicated, although it has not been confirmed yet. The investigation is currently underway to determine the facts.

Elmquist, an employee at recruiting company Mission Staffing, attended a work party in Manhattan and unfortunately did not return to her home in Brooklyn, as shared by her cousin on X.

“My cousin Jackie Elmquist has disappeared since last night after leaving a work party in Manhattan. She hasn’t returned home or shown up for work this morning. I urge everyone to share this information so that people in the area can be aware of her disappearance. It’s particularly concerning because all of her family members reside here in Minnesota,” wrote Kat, known online as @katlynkampmeier, on X.

She entered the seemingly random building for reasons that remain unclear. The superintendent of her Brooklyn building was deeply disturbed upon learning about Elmquist’s untimely demise.


Davidson Stewart let out a cry of despair, his voice filled with visible distress. “No, no, no, no,” he exclaimed, clearly shaken by the situation.

According to the individual, Elmquist was known for her reserved nature and was described as being “friendly.”

“She appeared content,” he remarked. “It’s a sorrowful situation. No mother should have to lay her child to rest. It’s a terrible ordeal.”


“It’s the most devastating loss,” sobbed a woman who identified herself as Elmquist’s friend.

She mentioned that she was en route to the 10th Precinct of the NYPD located in Manhattan.

According to John Elmquist, Jaclyn’s grandfather, her father James and sister Madalyn are currently in New York. However, the family has limited information regarding her untimely passing.

The man, with a somber tone, expressed, “At this point, we are as clueless as you are, I suppose… My son and granddaughter are currently in New York, and we eagerly await any updates from them.”

When The Post contacted James Elmquist for a comment, he stated, “I just arrived in town. I’m currently on my way to meet up with my daughter… I need to catch a shuttle.”

The city Medical Examiner’s office is currently conducting an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

The death of Elmquist bore a striking resemblance to the tragic demise of Lara Prychodko in July 2018. Prychodko was discovered in the basement of her upscale Union Square residence, with authorities determining that she had fallen down the trash chute.

Prychodko’s father, Nicholas, has consistently asserted that she was murdered, even though there were no suspicions of criminality.

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