Mayor Adams jeered by new cops at NYPD graduation ceremony

New cops at NYPD graduation ceremony jeer Mayor Adams

As the NYPD police academy graduation ceremony was underway on Monday, Mayor Eric Adams made an appearance to address the graduating class. However, as his name was announced, the crowd responded with a chorus of boos. Despite the unwelcoming reception, Adams proceeded to deliver his speech, unfazed by the negative response from some members of the audience.

As the former NYPD captain took to the stage to address the 390 graduates at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, he was met with a chorus of Bronx cheers, accompanied by a few scattered rounds of applause. However, the jeers soon died down as he kicked off his speech by introducing the young daughter of one of the graduates.

Afterwards, most of the police officers were hesitant to discuss the matter. However, there was one enthusiastic graduate who eagerly spoke to a journalist from The Post, even going as far as to pat his friend on the shoulder during the conversation.

Amidst the fervor of the crowd, a young officer couldn’t contain his excitement and urged someone to call out the two-faced clown. However, his enthusiasm was short-lived as he quickly vanished into the crowd.

A few individuals confirmed that they had indeed heard the booing, but they remained tight-lipped about the reason behind it. They gave a knowing smile and made it clear that they couldn’t discuss it openly.

As Frank Sinatra’s iconic “New York, New York” filled the 5,500-seat arena, the disgruntled officers entered. However, their boos came to an abrupt halt when Eric Adams introduced Sarah Elazab, the daughter of Abdu Elazab, a new member of the police force.

As he concluded his fervent talk emphasizing the significance of law enforcement, a round of applause erupted from the audience. Interestingly, even those who had previously ridiculed the mayor were among the ones clapping.

As his arm wrapped around Sarah’s shoulders, Adams addressed the audience and pointed towards the smiling child in front of them. “This is what it’s all about,” he said, “the joy and excitement of a daughter whose dad is here with her.” The symbol of love and connection between a parent and child was evident in the beautiful moment they shared, which left a lasting impression on everyone present.

He went on to say that we tend to overcomplicate things and get lost in technicalities. However, at the end of the day, all we want is for our babies to be safe. That’s the bottom line.

As Sarah listened intently, he spoke with a gentle yet resolute voice. “You mean the world to us, and we’re here for you,” he assured her. “Your father is a member of the most incredible police department in the world – the NYPD – and he will make us all proud.” His words were filled with genuine care and compassion, and Sarah could feel the warmth in his tone.

Following the ceremony, City Hall’s representative refused to acknowledge any booing from the cops. However, the video footage of the ceremony, released by the NYPD, clearly captured the sound of boos mixed with applause. In their statement, City Hall chose to highlight the applause rather than address the negativity from the police officers.

According to an email from City Hall spokesman Charles Lutvak, a video captured the moment when Mayor Adams addressed the graduating class of NYPD officers, with hundreds of incoming officers and their families in attendance. The video even shows the enthusiastic crowd applauding the new mayor alongside one incoming officer’s daughter.

During the recent ceremony, the mayor expressed his pride in welcoming and congratulating the newly appointed officers. His heartfelt statement emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of the community’s children, stating, “We just want our babies to be safe.”

New York City has a rich history of its police officers expressing their dissatisfaction whenever they are unhappy with the mayor in office.

During his time as Mayor, Bill de Blasio faced numerous instances of heckling and booing from the public.

During some instances, when he was addressing a gathering, there were officers who stood up and turned their backs on him. This was notably observed at Officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral, who was killed in 2014 along with Officer Wenjian Liu by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, a repeat offender.

The divide between the police union leaders and de Blasio was further fueled by the belief that the mayor had created an atmosphere that was hostile towards the police force, leading to the tragic ambush killings.

Earlier, during tumultuous negotiations with police unions, former Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg were met with jeers from officers.

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