New York ‘Madman’ Who Stabbed Family Called Mom Day Before Attack, Saying, ‘Mama, I Love You’

The man responsible for the tragic stabbing incident in New York City, which claimed the lives of two adults and two children, had a conversation with his mother the day before the incident. According to his mother, he was described as a “good son.”

The New York Daily News interviewed the mother and sister of Courtney Gordon, aged 38. They revealed that Gordon attacked two NYPD officers on Sunday morning with a kitchen knife, following his assault on his aunt and four members of her family.

Gordon’s aunt is currently in critical condition following the stabbing incident on Sunday. The officers who were also injured in the attack have since been discharged from the hospital.

According to Gordon’s sister, their aunt graciously welcomed him into her home in Queens two weeks ago when she learned that he was at risk of becoming homeless.

“My aunt offered him a place to stay out of sympathy, as he expressed his desire to turn his life around,” revealed Gordon’s sister, who preferred to remain anonymous. “I had a feeling it wouldn’t end well.”

Gordon’s mother, who wished to remain anonymous, described him as a “loving son” and shared that she had spoken to him the day before the tragic incident. She recalled their last conversation, where he expressed his love for her, and she reciprocated the sentiment. The news of his actions came as a devastating shock to her.

Gordon has faced numerous challenges over the past year. According to his sister, he has experienced a turbulent period, frequently moving in and out of homeless shelters after his separation from his wife.

The sibling expressed their desire to convey the significance of the situation to their sister. They felt that it was important to consider the bigger picture and let the dog return to the shelter. However, their plea seemed to go unheard as their sister decided to keep the dog. The sibling couldn’t understand the reasoning behind this decision, as there appeared to be no valid reason for it.

Gordon’s sister revealed that she made an effort to convince him to seek treatment at a mental health facility. However, he adamantly refused to do so.

Gordon, who had recently moved in with his aunt, was actively searching for employment. According to his sister, he had always been a kind-hearted individual before the unfortunate separation.

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