No charges will be filed against bus driver

No charges will be filed against bus driver who was unaware White Claw was alcoholic

According to police, a former bus driver from New York who had been dismissed from her job after being caught drinking an alcoholic seltzer while driving students home will not be charged. The incident allegedly came as a surprise to the driver.

Amal Hanna, a 60-year-old bus driver, expressed her emotions to Long Island’s News 12 after a regretful mistake. According to her, on October 4, she unintentionally picked up a White Claw instead of a regular fruit-flavored seltzer from the shared refrigerator with her roommate before heading to work. She called it a “mistake.”

According to the source, Hanna is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She shared that she has been experiencing difficulty with her sense of taste and was unable to detect any alcohol in the drink she consumed. While driving kids from Smithtown High School West, someone noticed the White Claw can in her cup holder, and she was promptly taken off her route.

Hanna, who had been a bus driver for 15 years, expressed her concern about how people who don’t drink would know if a beverage contains alcohol. She wondered if there was a way to differentiate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Additionally, she shared her fear of potentially ending up homeless.

According to a report by the Long Island news station, a bus driver for Smithtown School District was found drinking an alcoholic beverage while transporting students from High School West. In response to the incident, Superintendent Mark Secaur released a statement to the families of the students involved. He confirmed that an alcoholic beverage was on board the bus and that the driver was immediately removed from the vehicle. Another driver completed the route to ensure the safety of the students.

According to WE Transport Inc., the company that employed her, the alleged behavior of the driver is completely unacceptable, and she has been immediately removed from service. This incident was reported by News 12 and The New York Post. Fortunately, no children were harmed in the incident.

According to a statement provided by Hanna when approached for comment by PEOPLE, she expressed that the current situation has caused her to endure significant distress.

The Suffolk County Police Department has stated that Hanna will not be facing any charges due to the confusion. Meanwhile, Secaur declined to make any further comments on the matter.

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