Tiny home community for homeless making progress in Kansas City, Kansas

Progress made towards a tiny home community for the homeless in Kansas City, Kansas

Eden Village, a community of tiny homes designed for the homeless, is edging closer to its grand opening in Kansas City, Kansas.

According to Jennifer Schmidt, a board member of Eden Village, the sense of stability and community that the village provides has been life-changing for its residents.

According to the latest updates, six out of 23 homes have been constructed on the site, providing a glimmer of hope and a new beginning for those who have been struggling with chronic homelessness.

According to Jim Schmidt, a board member of Eden Village, the solution provided is not just a simple fix, but a truly beautiful one.

The Three Dog Night non-profit organization is dedicated to helping the homeless community by providing them with a fresh start and removing them from the streets. This organization was responsible for creating the initiative.

Jennifer Schmidt expressed that the opportunity given to individuals has allowed them to start anew. As Jim previously mentioned, this chance to heal has enabled them to thrive and move forward.

Those who are selected will be required to pay a monthly fee but in return will gain access to an array of social services and a supportive community that aims to enhance their overall quality of life.

Jim Schmidt emphasized the importance of providing support that goes beyond mere survival. He explained that true help is aimed at helping a friend not just make it through difficult times, but also thrive and grow.

By next spring, the organizers of this project are aiming to have the initial residents settled in. You can learn more about this effort by clicking on this link.

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