Grandview High School makes history with three Black female drum majors

Three Black female drum majors at Grandview High School create historical moment

At Grandview High School, three girls are creating history by simply being present.

Three talented Black women, Marissa Presley, Mariah Presley, and Halo Nunn, have been selected as drum majors for the school’s marching band. This is a remarkable achievement for them as it is their first year serving in this prestigious role. Even more significant is the fact that they are the first Black women to hold all three positions of drum majors in the band’s history. Their selection is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and musical ability, and it is a proud moment for their community as they break down barriers and set an inspiring example for others to follow.

According to Halo Nunn, one of the drum majors, the feeling of being part of the marching band is difficult to put into words. “It’s like an indescribable feeling,” she expressed, emphasizing that it’s not something that can be fully articulated.

These three talented young ladies are all juniors at Grandview High School. Prior to auditioning for drum major this year, they were all part of the school’s marching band. Interestingly, Marissa and Mariah are twin sisters, but the bond between all three girls goes back to their middle school days. Their shared passion for music and dedication to their craft has brought them even closer together.

Working together as the leader of a band only served to strengthen the bond among its members.

According to Mariah Presley, one of the drum majors, their team functions seamlessly as they all possess unique perspectives and ideas. They work cohesively towards a common goal, utilizing their individual strengths to achieve success.

The actors were pleasantly surprised by the number of valuable life lessons they learned while playing their roles. It was not something they had anticipated, but it turned out to be a significant benefit of their work.

Marissa Presley, one of the accomplished drum majors, expressed her positive sentiment about the experience, stating, “I honestly feel really good, and it just helps me grow. Not only as a leader but as a person and gaining confidence.” Her statement reflects the personal growth and development that she has gained from her role as a leader.

According to them, confidence plays a crucial role in their line of work, irrespective of their race or gender.

According to Mariah Presley, who holds the position of one of the drum majors, the entire band from all grade levels is no longer of interest to them.

However, confidence also plays a crucial role as individuals are well aware of how they could be perceived.

According to Nunn, the color of their skin is the first thing that people notice when they march onto the field. He emphasized that race takes precedence over gender, and that being Black is the most immediately visible aspect of their identity.

Rather than allowing these characteristics to impede their progress, they have turned the tables and used them to their advantage.

Mariah Presley expressed a sense of empowerment in being a Black female drum major, a position not often held by individuals who share her identity. “It’s remarkable to see someone like myself in this role,” she explained, “as drum majors are typically neither Black nor female.” Her presence in this leadership position serves as a representation of diversity and inclusivity within her community.

As drum majors this year, they have brought home two prestigious awards for their school from distinguished competitions, marking a significant achievement for the marching band, which has not been seen in the past two decades.

According to Charles Jakes, the director of bands at Grandview High School, the drum majors at the school have never received such an award in the 24 years that he has been there. He expressed his pride in their achievement and acknowledged the significance of the honor they received.

Having the privilege of being the band director, Jakes has had the opportunity to witness firsthand the unique qualities and contributions that the girls have brought to the table ever since taking on their respective roles.

During a recent interview, the speaker expressed admiration for the personalities of the individuals in question, noting that their leadership qualities were evident. He emphasized that each person possessed unique qualities that made them stand out.

Jakes highlights that one of the essential traits is the readiness to serve.

According to Jakes, these are the kind of individuals who come forward to assist students who are finding it difficult to march. They stand beside them, motivate and guide them on how to do it correctly.

The importance of representation cannot be overstated, according to the girls. They firmly believe that it matters, and they are determined to be a positive influence on young Black girls everywhere. Their goal is to inspire these girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly, and to show them that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Marissa Presley encourages individuals to not let naysayers discourage them. According to her, if you know what you want and follow your heart, you can achieve anything. Despite the negative opinions of others, it is important to stay committed to your goals and aspirations.

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