South Manitou Island.

Michigan is home to a rich history and folklore, and as such, it is no surprise that the state is also home to a number of allegedly haunted places. One of the most famous and reportedly haunted places in Michigan is South Manitou Island.

Located 16 miles offshore from the Leelanau Peninsula, South Manitou Island is a remote and eerie place. The island is home to a number of ghost stories, including one that claims that a ship of cholera-stricken passengers stopped at the island and buried some of the sailors alive.

Other reportedly haunted places in Michigan include:

Here, we delve into the haunting history and ghostly legends that surround South Manitou Island, while also shedding light on other reportedly haunted places in the state of Michigan.

South Manitou Island: A Haunting Enigma


South Manitou Island is a secluded gem nestled 16 miles off the coast of the Leelanau Peninsula, far away from the bustling city life of Michigan. This remote location adds to the eerie atmosphere of the island, making it a prime setting for ghostly tales.


One of the most notorious ghost stories associated with South Manitou Island revolves around a chilling incident from the past. Legend has it that a ship, carrying passengers stricken with cholera, sought refuge on the island’s shores. As the pandemic swept through the ship, a horrifying decision was made – some of the sailors were allegedly buried alive on the island. This grim and macabre story adds an air of tragedy and unease to South Manitou Island’s history.

Ghost Stories

South Manitou Island boasts an assortment of ghostly legends and eerie encounters. While the tale of the cholera-stricken ship is the most well-known, there are other reported apparitions and inexplicable occurrences that have contributed to the island’s reputation as a haunted place.

Other Haunted Places in Michigan

Fort Holmes: Echoes of a Bygone Era


Nestled on the historic Mackinac Island, Fort Holmes is a relic from the past, built by the British during the War of 1812. The island itself is known for its old-world charm, but it also holds a darker secret.


Fort Holmes served as a military base until 1895, and its history is steeped in the bloodshed of wartime conflicts. While the fort is now a popular tourist destination, the ghosts of soldiers who lost their lives there are said to still roam the grounds.

Ghost Stories

Visitors to Fort Holmes have reported spine-chilling encounters, including apparitions of soldiers marching in formation and the eerie sounds of distant drums and gunfire. These ghostly manifestations provide a haunting glimpse into the past.

Seul Choix Point Lighthouse: A Beacon of the Paranormal


Perched on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is a picturesque structure that has guided ships safely for over a century. However, this idyllic location conceals a phantom from the past.


Built in 1895, the lighthouse has remained operational, but its history is marked by Captain Willie Townsend, who served as the lighthouse keeper from 1897 to 1905. His story is a chilling one that continues to haunt the lighthouse to this day.

Ghost Stories

Visitors have reported seeing the apparition of Captain Willie Townsend himself, walking the lighthouse grounds. Some have even claimed to hear his ghostly voice calling their names, adding an extra layer of eeriness to this coastal landmark.

Michigan’s First State Prison: A Penitentiary of Apparitions


Jackson, Michigan, is home to the historic Michigan’s First State Prison, a place steeped in a dark and troubled history.


The prison, which opened its doors in 1839, served as a correctional facility for over a century, until its closure in 2003. The history of the prison is marked by the suffering and torment of its inmates.

Ghost Stories

Visitors who have explored the prison’s halls have reported chilling encounters with apparitions of former prisoners walking the corridors. The sounds of screams and cries have echoed through the years, making Michigan’s First State Prison a place of eerie remembrance.

Grand Hotel: A Grandeur of Ghostly Guests


Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel stands as one of the largest hotels in the United States, offering luxury and grandeur to its visitors. However, behind the opulence, a haunting presence lingers.


Built in 1887, the Grand Hotel has hosted countless guests throughout its illustrious history. Yet, not all of these guests have checked out.

Ghost Stories

Guests have reported sightings of apparitions walking the hotel’s grand hallways. The sounds of laughter and music have been heard, adding a spectral ambiance to this luxurious establishment.

Mission Point Resort: A Resort of Restless Spirits


Another gem on Mackinac Island, the Mission Point Resort, founded in 1827, is one of the oldest resorts in the United States. Despite its picturesque setting, it too has tales of the supernatural.


The resort has seen generations of visitors come and go, but it also holds a somber past. The ghosts of children who met tragic fates there are said to linger.

Ghost Stories

Guests have reported the apparitions of children playing on the resort’s grounds. Laughter and the sounds of children’s games have been heard echoing through the halls, giving life to the legends of the past.

Whether or not these places are actually haunted is up to you to decide. However, there is no doubt that they are all fascinating and creepy places to visit.

In Conclusion

The existence of ghosts and hauntings remains a subject of fascination, skepticism, and debate. Whether or not these places in Michigan are genuinely haunted is a question that each visitor must answer for themselves. However, the stories and legends surrounding these locations undeniably add an extra layer of intrigue to Michigan’s rich history and folklore. South Manitou Island, with its tragic tale of a cholera-stricken ship, stands out as one of the most hauntingly captivating places in Michigan, while other sites like Fort Holmes, Seul Choix Point Lighthouse, Michigan’s First State Prison, Grand Hotel, and Mission Point Resort each offer their own unique and eerie experiences for those brave enough to explore their mysteries. Whether you seek a chilling adventure or simply appreciate a good ghost story, Michigan offers a trove of haunted tales and intriguing places waiting to be explored.

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