Three Ohio Cities Ranked In The List Of The Most Rat-infested Areas In The Us

Ucreview – According to recent reports, three cities in Ohio have made it to the list of the most rodent-infested areas in the United States for the year 2023. These cities have been described as having a high population of rats scurrying around, causing concern among the residents.

The top 50 rattiest cities have been identified by Orkin, a pest control company, in its annual list. The ranking is based on the number of new rodent services requested and the measures taken by residents and businesses to tackle rodent problems in a city.

According to recent data, Cleveland-Akron has been identified as the leading area for rats in Ohio, securing the 10th spot on the list. The city of Columbus took the 18th position, while Cincinnati ranked at No. 31.

For the ninth year straight, Orkin has reported that Chicago maintains its lead in the rat race by being the top city on the company’s Top 50 Rattiest Cities list.

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