10 Benefits of Having a Menards Credit Card

Top 10 Benefits of Having a Menards Credit Card

If you’re looking to repair your credit, it’s a process that can take years to complete. That’s why having a credit card that will assist you during that journey and offer significant advantages while using it can make your life much simpler. The Menards credit card is precisely that – and much more. Any criticisms you may have heard about the card are likely from a minority of people who were rejected. Keep reading to discover the list of benefits.

1. It’s a no-nonsense card.

If you possess a credit score that is below average, you may be eligible for certain perks such as cash advances and the ability to use your card while traveling abroad. However, individuals with a good credit score typically do not engage in international travel. On the other hand, the Menards card provides you with the convenience of purchasing essentials from any Menards store, and you can also top up your gas tank at Kwik-Trip and other gas station brands that are regionally served. This means that you don’t have to put your home improvement projects on hold until your credit score is high enough to qualify for a bank loan.

2. No annual fee.

Annual fees on credit cards can often be detrimental to your finances. They essentially act as a debt trap, allowing the issuer to access your hard-earned money instead of you. It’s important to consider that paying an annual fee of $100 means you’re shelling out $8 a month just for having the card, regardless of whether or not you use it. Even if you max out your credit limit, you’re still paying that $8 a month, but now you can’t even use the card.

3. At any Menards store you can buy gift cards.

Having a Menards gift card on hand can prove to be a lifesaver, especially when you find yourself in need of a last-minute present for a birthday or special occasion and are short on funds. While the Menards card does not allow for cash advances, the gift card option can come in handy to help you navigate those unexpected giving events with ease.

4. A deferred interest payment plan.

If you make a purchase of at least $299, you won’t be charged any interest on your account for six months. It’s important to note that this offer applies to both individual purchases of $299 or more, as well as a combination of purchases that total $299 or more.

5. Variable Intro APR.

The Menards card sets itself apart from many other credit cards that cater to people with subpar credit ratings. It is designed to reward individuals who have put in the effort to improve their credit standing and deserve better terms on a new credit card. With a purchase intro APR that varies between 0% and 3.99%, the card offers a flexible time frame of 6 to 48 months for this introductory APR period.

6. Rebate receipts.

If you use your Menards card at an authorized brand gas station like Kwik Trip, you can receive a 1% rebate. However, the rebate is not credited immediately; instead, you will receive a rebate receipt. You can then mail in these receipts to Menards and they will send you a check in return. It is most beneficial to collect these receipts for a month or more before sending them in for a larger payout. Receiving a check in the mail is always a pleasant surprise, especially when the funds arrive at just the right moment.

7. You can use it like a bank loan.

Menards offers a unique opportunity to use their credit card for larger home improvement projects without the option of cash advances. Unlike other credit cards that offer promotional rates and then charge a significant interest rate later, Menards sets up their promotional interest rates in a way that allows you to buy what you need and have the same interest rate for the entire duration of the loan. Cardholders often miss the fact that their monthly payment has increased due to the high interest rate charged by other credit cards. With Menards credit card, you can avoid such hidden charges and enjoy a hassle-free borrowing experience.

8. Great customer service.

Reviews of the Menards card often rave about their exceptional customer service. While this may seem like a minor feature of a credit card, it becomes crucial when issues arise. The importance of excellent customer service can be seen in the success of companies like Amazon.com, where exceptional service has played a significant role in their popularity.

9. A $10 cash bonus after you make your first charge of $100.

Have you ever received a 10% cash bonus as a reward for using your credit card? Well, Menards provides this perk by giving you a $10 bill after your first purchase. Imagine finding a $10 bill on the street, wouldn’t you pick it up? That’s exactly what Menards is offering you.

10. Cashback rewards.

If you use your card smartly, you can earn a cashback of 1-2% on your purchases. Notably, gas purchases get a cashback of 1%. This means that you can enjoy substantial benefits throughout the year. It’s worth noting that some of the competitor’s cards don’t even offer a 1% reward.

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