Two Washington DC men charged with murdering 19-year-old in June

Two men from Washington DC accused of killing 19-year-old in June

In June, two men from Washington DC were charged with the murder of a 19-year-old.

According to reports, Tyzaiah Gaither, a 19-year-old from Washington D.C., was allegedly killed by Jeffrey Coachman, 49, and Recco Bouknight, 53. The Prince George’s County Police Department has charged both men with the murder.

Located in Maryland, Prince George’s County has recently become the centre of attention for many news outlets.

According to a news release, two men from Washington D.C. have been identified and charged by the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Homicide Unit in connection with a fatal shooting in June.

According to authorities, Tyzaiah Gaither, a 19-year-old from Washington D.C., was allegedly murdered by Jeffrey Coachman, 49, and Recco Bouknight, 53. Both individuals have been charged with the crime.

According to authorities, they received a call at approximately 5:50 p.m. on June 22, 2023, and arrived at the 3200 block of Naylor Road in Temple Hills. Upon arrival, they discovered Gaither in the parking lot outside of 51 Liquor, where he had sustained gunshot wounds and was tragically pronounced deceased at the scene.

According to officials, Gaither was shot multiple times by both suspects as per the preliminary investigation. Detectives have reason to believe that Gaither had attempted to steal money from Coachman before the shooting.

According to law enforcement officials, Coachman deliberately used his vehicle to strike the victim while attempting to escape alongside Bouknight.

Bouknight and Coachman are facing severe charges of first and second-degree murder and other related expenses. They are currently being held in custody in Washington D.C. and waiting for extradition to Prince George’s County, Maryland.

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