Chase bank closing down 2 branches in weeks after shutting 3 this month

According to recent reports, the well-known banking institution has shut down three of its branches within the last month. Unfortunately, this means that customers must travel further distances to access their funds.

Chase, a major player in the US banking system, is closing down numerous branches amidst unprecedented closures. The move surprises many customers and industry experts alike and is sure to have a significant impact on the banking landscape.

Two Chase locations in New York City will close within the next few weeks.

On October 25, the branch located at 86 East 98th Street in Brooklyn will be closing its doors.

The Nostrand Avenue branch located at 3804 in Brooklyn is set to close its doors on November 2nd.

According to branch employees, The U.S. Sun has confirmed the closing dates.

Customers who are already banking with Chase will have to make their way to the nearest branch available.

As reported by X, several customers are pleading with Chase Bank to open up additional branches in their locality.

According to the bank, they regularly track customers’ feedback and reviews to determine the popular requests and update their expansion plans accordingly.

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