Whoever purchased the winning $2.6 million California lottery ticket in July has one week to claim their prize

In an unexpected turn of events, a lucky individual from California who bought a Powerball ticket worth a staggering $2.6 million in Stockton during July has not yet stepped forward to claim their incredible winnings.

Time is running out for the unknown winner to claim their prize, as there is less than a week left before the ticket expires.

The Powerball draw awarded a winning ticket, sold at Quik Stop in San Joaquin County. The fortunate individual matched five out of six numbers, making them the lucky winner. The Quik Stop store, situated at 4707 Quail Lake Drive, Suite 400, was the location where the winning ticket was purchased.

The winning numbers drawn were 24-7-32-23-43, and the Powerball number was just one digit away – 18.

The California Lottery is urging players to carefully inspect their tickets as the $2.6 million Powerball prize is nearing its expiration date.

The California Lottery is urging the winner to step forward and get in touch with them in order to claim their life-changing prize before it becomes too late.

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