Occupant killed as car violently crashes into concrete pillar near SeaWorld on Saturday night

On the night of December 30th, 2023, a devastating single-car accident took place, claiming a life and leading to the temporary closure of the northbound lanes on Interstate 5 near the Grand Avenue off-ramp.

The California Highway Patrol logs indicate that an SUV of unknown color collided with a bridge, resulting in it flipping over.

Emergency services quickly responded to the scene, and the CHP upgraded the incident from a traffic collision with unknown injuries to a fatality.

The first responders arrived at the scene to find the overturned vehicle in a severely damaged condition. The airbags had been deployed, and they discovered the driver lying on the ground outside the car.

The driver of the vehicle tried to escape on foot, climbing over fences, but was eventually found by officers. The passenger, on the other hand, was apprehended immediately.

The authorities have not yet disclosed the identity of the deceased as they are waiting to inform the next of kin.

The collision is currently being investigated by the CHP to determine the exact circumstances surrounding it.

According to initial reports, the overturned vehicle collided with a concrete structure after flipping over.

The incident resulted in a secondary collision, involving a gray sedan, which also pulled over and turned on its hazard lights.

The person driving the gray sedan informed about a smoking vehicle with airbags that had been deployed.

Due to the collision, the Grand Avenue off-ramp and sections of the northbound lanes on I-5 have been closed to traffic.

Caltrans received a request to assess the bridge’s structural integrity after the collision.

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