‘Bike Path Killer’ Altemio Sanchez

Altemio Sanchez, known as the ‘Bike Path Killer’, passes away in prison while serving a life sentence.

According to sources, the individual who became infamous as the “Bike Path Killer” in Buffalo, NY, has passed away. This person had previously confessed to the murder of three women in 2007.

At the Wende Correctional Facility in Alden, Altemio Sanchez, currently 65, is being held in maximum security. He was sentenced to 75 years to life and is serving his time accordingly.

For over 20 years, Sanchez instilled fear in the local community by committing heinous crimes. His victims included three women – Majane Mazur, Linda Yalem, and Joan Diver. Moreover, Sanchez faced allegations of rape from almost 20 women, as reported by News 4 in 2007. These crimes were committed on various bike and walking paths in Western New York.

Sanchez earned the moniker “Bike Path Rapist” in the area but was never charged with these crimes due to the statute of limitations. However, New York has since altered the statute of limitations concerning rape and sexual assault cases.

During his sentencing, Sanchez acknowledged the gravity of his actions and expressed remorse for his crimes. He accepted the consequences of his actions and understood that he would never again be free to roam the streets. He took responsibility for his wrongdoing and recognized that he deserved to be punished for his crimes.

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