off-duty officer shot

An off-duty officer shot during a street brawl with a road rage suspect, captured on frantic video

According to law enforcement sources, a street brawl stemming from road rage occurred in Queens, New York, on Wednesday afternoon, resulting in the arrest of Edwin and Shawn Rivera, who are brothers. Authorities obtained footage of the altercation.

Drivers are known for their aggressive behaviour and road rage.  in the city that never happened. However, two brothers recently took things to a new level when caught blocking a side street with their van. The situation escalated when they allegedly attacked an off-duty officer and physically struggled over his firearm. The altercation resulted in the firing of gunshots, injuring one of the brothers and the officer. As a result, both brothers are now behind bars.


According to reports, one of the brothers smashed the rear window of an unidentified 26-year-old officer’s vehicle near the intersection of Queens Boulevard and 70th Street in Queens. In response, the officer quickly called 911 and drew his handgun, holding the suspects at bay and informing them that they were being arrested.

Off-duty NYPD Officer Injured in Road Rage Altercation Captured on Video

According to police reports, just before the fight, the off-duty officer encountered a white van obstructing the eastbound service road adjacent to Queens Boulevard. The officer engaged in a short argument with the driver before manoeuvring around the vehicle and continuing.

During a recent news briefing, NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey revealed that despite an argument with a police officer, the driver followed the officer to the next stoplight to continue the dispute. Meanwhile, the passenger, who was the driver’s brother, allegedly got out of the car and punched through the officer’s rear windshield.

In the video, a Long Island cop is seen taking down a suspect brandishing his firearm. The officer used a fender side swipe to disarm the suspect.

off-duty officer shot off-duty officer shot

Long Island Police Officer Stops Gun-Wielding Suspect with Fender Side Swipe on Camera

In Queens, New York, there was an apparent incident of road rage ,which led to the involvement of police officers and paramedics. During the altercation, an off-duty NYPD officer sustained a gunshot wound to the leg while one of the suspects was shot in the hand. The suspects were identified as 32-year-old Edwin Rivera and his brother, Shawn, who was arrested at a hospital nearby. The situation was intense, requiring immediate attention from law enforcement and medical professionals. (Peter Gerber)

According to Maddrey, when the off-duty MOS stepped out of his car, he immediately identified himself as a police officer and drew his firearm on two males. He mclarifiedto them that they were under arrest for breaking his window. In the meantime, the MOS was trying to call 911 while holding the two males at gunpoint.

As depicted in the footage, the officer held his phone to his ear while gripping a handgun with his other hand. He maintained a safe distance from the individuals and made a concerted effort to keep the situation under control despite the heated exchange of words between the parties involved.


In a blurry video captured by a witness, an officer is heard instructing two men to get on the ground while identifying himself as a police officer.

According to Peter Gerber, one of the suspects broke the officer’s rear window. during an argument

One of the men responded, “That doesn’t mean anything.”

At one point during the interrogation, a suspect exclaims, “I am stronger than you.”

One of the individuals present instructs the others to detain him until the police arrive.

According to police reports, a group of suspects engaged in a heated argument with an off-duty NYPD officer after they blocked a service road in Queens with their white van. The altercation led to further investigation and legal action. (Reported by Peter Gerber)

A senior citizen from New York has been charged with shooting a mugger to death. Interestingly, before the incident, the old had warned a local newspaper about the rising crime in the area.

Off-duty NYPD officer shot in road rage incident: officials

An elderly resident of New York charged with the shooting death of a mugger had previously alerted a local newspaper about the increasing crime rates in the area.

“The other person adds that we didn’t do anything,” they say.

As the three men grappled with each other, a sudden gunshot rang out, followed by another just seconds later. According to Maddrey, one of the suspects attempted to seize the firearm, causing the officer to struggle fiercely to maintain possession of it as the men tumbled to the ground, with the suspects positioned on top. One of the suspects fled the scene after the first shot was fired, while the other persisted in the altercation.

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