Human Torso Discovered On New York City Beach

Authorities Find Human Torso on Beach in New York City

On Friday afternoon (November 17), a beachgoer in New York City made a disturbing discovery at Breezy Point Beach in Queens, spotting a human torso in the sand. The New York City Police Department promptly received a 911 call around 12 p.m. in response to the finding. Responding officers, upon arrival, found the body lacking a head and arms.

The NYPD provided a statement, describing the scene as officers observed an unidentified human torso with attached legs on the beach. According to reports from WABC, investigators are leaning towards the possibility that the body may be that of Ross McDonnell, a Brooklyn resident missing for two weeks. They speculate that McDonnell, originally from Ireland, might have drowned while swimming, and his body became dismembered in the ocean before washing ashore.

The authorities emphasized that they are awaiting the results of the autopsy to determine the cause of death. The investigation into this unsettling incident remains ongoing.

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