Fentanyl, guns found

Fentanyl and guns were discovered in another NYC home with a child after the child died at day care.

Officials have reported that on Wednesday, during a search of a residence in Queens, where a 10-year-old child resides, the New York City police discovered fentanyl and weapons.

According to the NYPD, authorities carried out a search warrant. They discovered over 5 pounds of suspected cocaine that contained traces of fentanyl, along with more than 2 pounds of suspected heroin and hints of fentanyl. In addition to these illicit substances, police uncovered several firearms, including a high-capacity rifle and four kilo presses.

During a recent police investigation, a 10-year-old child was found sleeping in a home containing fatal drug doses. The child’s bedroom was across the hall from these dangerous substances, which is unacceptable and alarming. Authorities have since removed the child from the home and are working to ensure their safety. This incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of drug use and the importance of keeping our communities safe from such harmful substances.

According to O’Sullivan, it isn’t easy to comprehend how anyone could consider such behaviour acceptable.

Authorities have apprehended five individuals for criminal possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a weapon, acting in a manner injurious to a child, illegal use of drug paraphernalia, and criminal possession of a narcotic drug.

Just recently, another incident in the Bronx unrelated to this one occurred. A daycare in the area was the site of an unfortunate event where a 1-year-old boy lost his life due to fentanyl exposure. This incident also resulted in three other children falling ill.

According to police, Nicholas Dominici, who was just one year old, passed away on Friday. Meanwhile, three other children, aged between 8 months and two years, were taken to the hospital and treated with Narcan. Thankfully, they are now on the road to recovery.

According to federal court documents, individuals were found to have stored a kilogram of fentanyl on top of play mats used for children’s naps. As a result, both state and federal charges have been brought against two individuals who have been arrested.

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