High power bills concern Evergreen residents

Evergreen residents worried about their expensive energy bills

Evergreen, Alabama, residents are experiencing an unwelcome surprise due to increased electric bills. According to WKRG, these higher bills are causing concern and frustration among locals.

According to Yolanda Rogers, some people are burdened with higher light bills than their monthly rents and mortgages.

On Wednesday, the residents of Evergreen expressed their frustrations and grievances. Yolanda Rogers, in particular, shared her story of enduring a painful and costly summer.

She explained that her current kilowatt-hour rate is approximately $.19. However, she noted that the rates can vary greatly and are inconsistent across the board.

According to reports, many people struggle to pay their high electricity bills. John Johnson, for instance, had to quit therapy last month because he ran out of money due to his expensive light bill. The financial burden of these bills is taking a toll on many individuals, making it difficult for them to prioritize their needs.

According to Lori Carlisle, who works at Red Roof Inn, the increasing expenses negatively impact the high cost, as they currently pay around $.19 while the supplier charges only $.07 for the same product.

According to Mayor Stanley Stallworth, the City has struggled with a low tax base for the past 25 years due to limited growth. The city’s primary revenue source arises from utilities. When the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia increased its rates, the City had no option but to pass on the higher rates to its residents. Stallworth shared this information with WKRG News 5.

High power bills concern Evergreen residents

According to Mayor Stallworth, the rates have been higher since January 1, 2023, compared to the previous year. He explained that the City had to increase rates due to a significant rise in the cost per kWh for electricity and transmission, which increased by almost 80% in just one year.

According to Stallworth, the scorching heat of summers has increased electricity usage to keep oneself cool. The City is all set to finalize a new purchase agreement within ten days. Stallworth added that the new contract will offer lower rates starting January 1, 2024. In addition, the City is exploring various measures to reduce expenses in other areas to free up more money in the budget before the date above.

According to the residents, the much-needed relief cannot arrive any sooner.

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