Wild video shows FDNY firefighters brawling in Brooklyn ‘Get out of my f–king face!’

The anger in someone’s demeanour was palpable.

Disturbing footage shows the FDNY team members fighting against each other while trying to extinguish an all-hands fire.

A TikTok video that surfaced on Thursday, lasting for 47 seconds, seems to depict a physical altercation between a minimum of two New York City Fire Department (FDNY) firefighters amidst heavy rainfall while other firefighters try to intervene and stop the fight from escalating.

Another firefighter quickly responds to the commotion to assist.

Amidst the chaos, a firefighter can be heard angrily shouting, “Get out of my f–king face!”. However, the situation is soon defused by calmer individuals.

As the rain poured down on Brooklyn, TikToker of. tizz shared a now-deleted video of authorities investigating a reported fire. The mundane scene was captured with the simple caption, “Just another rainy day in Brooklyn, and they supposed to be checking on reports of a fire…”.

The video had garnered 30 likes before it was removed. It featured a caption, “It’s disheartening to see NYC firefighters fighting amongst themselves,” along with a loudly crying face emoji.

The firefighter’s identities and the unit they belong to are currently unknown. Furthermore, the exact time and location of the intense scuffle remain unclear.

Unfortunately, Og.tizz could not be reached for comment by The Post. It’s interesting to note that despite having seven followers on TikTok, Og.tizz doesn’t follow anyone.

According to FDNY spokesperson James Long, they have acknowledged the incident and the video related to it.

Currently, there is one member who has been suspended while the FDNY is still investigating the incident.

According to Long, the location of the incident was in Manhattan, although the TikToker had initially stated it was in Brooklyn.

“He added that he believes it was last weekend and is leaving all other details to the ongoing investigation.”

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